Holidays in Slovenia | From canyoning to rafting, from trekking to cycling

Your holidays in Slovenia can be as adrenaline-packed as you wish. In Slovenia you can go canyoning, rafting or trekking. Slovenia is also a popular cycling destination. Active holidays in Slovenia are always an adrenaline and adventure-filled trip.

Holidays in Slovenia | Canyoning in Slovenia for all adrenaline addicts who love crystal-clear water

Spending holidays in Slovenia is always interesting. If you choose active holidays, canyonig is one possibility. Slovenia has many canyoning and rafting centres. What is a canyoning holiday? Well, in short - canyoning enables you to discover the most secluded corners of this beautiful country by trekking through canyons using different techniques - walking, sliding, climbing etc.

Spice up your holidays in Slovenia by going rafting on one of many beautiful rivers in Slovenia

Rafting, or white water rafting, is one of the most popular outdoor holiday activities in Slovenia. In addition to cycling, canyoning and trekking in Slovenia most sports centres situated near rivers offer rafting. Rafting is done using an inflatable raft in white water. In Slovenia rafting or canyoning holidays can be especially pleasing since rivers are unbelievably clean. If walking, trekking or cycling is not exciting enough for you, Slovenia is a great place to go rafting or canyoning.

Holidays in Slovenia can be spent walking, trekking or cycling around Slovenia

Active holidays in Slovenia can also include walking/trekking or cycling through Slovenia. Trekking and cycling paths in Slovenia are usually well marked and in good shape, since trekking/walking and cycling are among the most popular sports activities in Slovenia. Take advantage of Slovenia’s natural beauties and possibilities and enjoy active holidays in Slovenia.

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