A global manufacturer of high-tech stainless steel products

Nieros is a globally present company that designs and manufactures technologically advanced industrial equipment made of stainless steel for various industrial facilities and warehouses. Our aim is to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions that effective, user-friendly and sustainable. At Nieros we offer a broad range of different solutions for companies in various industries, such as food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, agricultural, petrochemical and chemical industry. We truly understand our clients’ needs, so we provide high-quality equipment that meets the specific industry’s commitments and complies with all the necessary standards, even the strictest. Our expertise is ever-evolving, because we are always seeking excellence and progress. We are flexible to the market demands and develop custom-built solutions that will work best for our clients. After the implementation of our systems it is important to us to remain in touch with our business partners and offer consulting.


From hygiene equipment to logistics solutions

Our offer consists of 4 different segments of industrial equipment:

industrial hygiene equipment