Industrial storage systems solutions for different types of warehouses

Industrial storage solutions produced by Nieros are not only easy to operate and maintain but are also very long-lasting due to high-quality materials and built-in parts they consist of. Industrial storage solutions can be operated automatically or manually and are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Based on your needs you can choose from the following modes of operation:

  • manual operation,
  • automatic charging and manual removal,
  • manual charging and automatic removal,
  • automatic charging and automatic removal.

Industrial storage systems assure maximal space utilization and time-cost optimization, as well as simple and accurate inventory control. In addition, all of our automated storage systems are equipped with quick and effective traceability system with which items are easily found around the warehouse. But not only that, operating costs of industrial storage solutions are also low.

industrial storage

Industrial storage system solutions are easy to maintain

We are not only offering standard industrial storage system solutions but also tailor made warehouse storage solutions. Configuration of industrial storage system depends on the needs of the costumer. Industrial storage solutions are designed so they are easy to clean and therefore high level of hygiene can be achieved.

industrial storage

Not only industrial storage solutions but also other types of products

Visit our web site and take a look at industrial storage solutions we prepared for you. We are not only offering storages and warehousing solutions but also many other products related with hygiene maintenance and meat processing equipment. All of our product are practically designed and ensure user-friendly operation system. In addition, products are built from high quality materials and built-in parts and are thus very long-lasting. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide additional information when needed.