Industrial washing machine can be imperative for many industries

An optimal hygiene is an essential part of all food-processing and other industries where precision is imperative. As we can imagine, industrial washing is way more efficient than a home one. It evolved to be very effective in removing oil stains, metal fillings and dust, providing safe and clean equipment for any business. When we mention industrial washing, we are usually talking about a system that automatically washes cleaning aprons and uniforms, but also mechanical parts, utensils and other industrial equipment.

Nieros industrial washing machine range offers solutions for a variety of businesses that demand superior washing performance, providing user-friendly operation and low operating costs. With one of their washing devices, any dirty item can be washed quickly and thoroughly. They can be multipurpose or specialized, perfect for washing standardized items such as Euro stacking containers, plastic crates, trays, moulds, boxes, racks, Euro-pallets, baskets and Eurobins, but not only that, they offer a chance of  full customisation, to meet any clients’ specific needs and requirements. As said, due to their optimal water consumption and efficient energy use, they are cost-effective and comply with various standards and certificates, such as ISO 9001, IFS, HACCP and NFS.

The company offers high quality tunnel industrial washing machines (used for washing crates and similar products of different sizes) of several varieties (for 250, 400, 600, 800, 1000 or 2000 crates per hour), cabin industrial washing machines (for washing buggies and containers), industrial tray washing machines (for washing different number of trays, but also for crates and cheese moulds), industrial utensils washers (one for automatic cleaning and sterilization of smaller number of dishes, pots, rates, knife baskets, small machine parts and similar objects, and another for larger number of utensils), industrial boot wash stations ( for washing boots), washing machines for live poultry boxes, large containers, smoking sticks and smoke trolleys, universal ones for crates, palettes and buggies, and combinations of each, like the ones for crates and chocolate moulds or barrels and covers.

Professional washing machine

Washing machine system

Nieros highly specialized industrial machines are designed for all the cleaning processes that aim to achieve superior performance. They can be combined with other devices, are indispensable in industries such as bakery, fruit and vegetable, chemical or other sectors, and can function as independent units, or parts of broader washing systems.

Professional washing machines can be also integrated into automatic conveyor systems. This kind of cleaning processes begin with a thorough wash and rinse of items, after which then undergo initial drying and are consequently transferred to a blow-off tunnel for complete drying. After that follows the sanitation phase and a transport to the warehouse by fully automated warehouse system.

These multipurpose industrial systems are the best solution for companies who have the necessity of washing many diverse items. They are available in tunnel or cabin version, used for cleaning items with similar size, shape and material. To accommodate wide range of them, they have sideguards and hold-down attachments.

Crate industrial washing machines have cleaning and rinsing zones. They feature adjustable washing and rinsing functions, object detection sensors (in rinsing zone), adjustable nozzles and are fully customisable, with options of stacking devices, steam water heating, blow-off tunnels, vapour extraction fans, and many more.

IBC washers are designed for a superior washing of IBC containers. They can clean up to 80 containers per hour and have options of adjustable nozzles for exterior cleaning, blow off nozzles for drying and lid removing robotic arms.

Crate, bin and pallet washers are equipped with automatic swing lifts, used for loading and unloading. They can wash 200 or 300 l bins, pallets, euro crates, utensil baskets and various containers, and have convenient access to their water tanks and spray nozzles.

Another type of multipurpose machines, suitable for all the industries with impeccable equipment hygiene requirement are automatic utensil washers for washing laboratory equipment, knife baskets, pallet boxes, euro stacking containers and other items. They also sanitise them with a water of 85°C.