Hygiene equipment suppliers worldwide

Hygiene equipment suppliers worldwide provide industrial hygiene monitoring equipment for various industries. The area that needs the mentioned services the most is surely food industry, but others (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical etc.) benefit from high-quality industrial hygiene equipment as well. Hygiene equipment suppliers provide automated machines that effectively clean and disinfect working equipment and employees, which ensures high standards demanded in industry. Since we’re talking about a necessity of utmost importance, it’s imperative to choose a renowned hygiene equipment supplier, which is regarded as a top hygiene equipment manufacturer in the world.

What do hygiene equipment suppliers offer?

Hygiene equipment suppliers offers automated machinery, which efficiently cleans and disinfects working equipment, employee’s hands and footwear etc.

The standard industrial hygiene equipment includes:


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The description of industrial hygiene equipment

Hygiene stations offer two-in one option and effectively wash hands and footwear at the same time. The benefits of this industrial hygiene equipment are double function, effective disinfection of hands and quick brush cleaner for shoes with a drip-off zone and turnstile controlled passage. Furthermore, the hand disinfection units doze the sanitizing agent automatically for cost effectiveness and have rubber protectors. The hygiene stations are made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and furthermore minimizes the risk of contamination. Hygiene equipment suppliers also offer machines for only footwear cleaning. One of the most effective industrial hygiene equipment in this area is Nieros machine, which can be placed upon entering or leaving the production area. It needs no tools, the highly-effective brushes do all the work, it also has an automatic dosage of the sanitizer and is height adjustable. Hygiene equipment suppliers’ hand cleaning solutions include stations, which can be placed on an entrance or exit and which effectively wash (with soap and running water) as well as disinfect germs and bacteria. The whole process is well planned and managed and thus enables the economical and thorough hand cleaning. Clean equipment is just as important as clean hands and shoes, therefore the hygiene equipment suppliers modelled industrial hygiene monitoring equipment just for this purpose. Sterilizers disinfects tools and other equipment in the production process, like cutlery, saws, axes, knives etc., while the apron cleaners disinfect aprons for industries, which demand the highest hygienic standards. Low-pressure cleaning systems clean and disinfect working area in different industries. They are easy to use, allow the free choice of a cleaning agent, can reach every corner and can clean the surface of 80 m2 per minute. The hygiene equipment also includes washroom hygiene equipment (basins, soap dispensers etc.) and equipment for changing rooms (helmet and apron hangers, plank with hooks, lockers etc.) and boot driers.

Why choose hygiene equipment suppliers Nieros

Nieros is among the leading hygiene equipment suppliers in the world, which offers top industrial hygiene equipment as well as industrial washers, essential equipment (e. g. desks and worktables, bins and containers, trolleys, ham pressers, accessories, railings and other protection) and logistic solutions. We strive for highest standards, absolute perfection and customized solutions. We understand the specific needs of the individual industries and thus develop solutions, which optimize the working process and makes it more economically effective. Our ability to consult, plan, manage and produce the best and customized utensils and tools puts us on the top of the hygiene equipment suppliers list. We kindly invite you to contact us and explain your need. We offer a complete customers support in all phases and deliver the product which will not only serve you well but will also lower your costs and help you maintain the highest hygienic standard.