High-quality industrial equipment can be used in many ways

In Nieros, we are one of the leading manufacturers of industrial equipment, designed for various of industries. Our in-house building process results in high-quality manufactured industrial equipment that consists of durable materials and built-in parts which ensures long life span of industrial equipment.

Warehousing industrial equipment ensures effective space utilization

We are designing industrial equipment for numerous of industries. One of most desired industrial equipment is warehousing equipment. Our warehouse systems feature comprehensive inbound, storage and order-picking solutions which leads to simplifying your warehouse processes, providing quick and easy storage of full or empty euro crates, euro pallets, boxes, cartons and other cargo while maintaining order integrity with accurate and reliable inventory control. One can choose from manually operated to fully automated warehouse equipment. All of our industrial storage systems are equipped with weighing equipment. With weighing equipment items are sorted and properly stored around the warehouse system. Furthermore, all of our warehouse storage systems are equipped with modern traceability systems that enables you to trace an item all over the warehouse. This also helps when you are trying to find and dispatch this item.

Warehouse system produced by Nieros, provides quick and easy storage of industrial equipment, exploiting your warehouse space to the maximum. Not only that, storage systems are also time and cost efficient. Additionally, quick and efficient order picking is ensured as well as working process is well organized and thus user friendly. Last but not least, all of our automated storage systems with weighing equipment can be designed by specific needs of our customer.

industrial equipmentindustrial washing equipment

Hygiene equipment helps minimize contamination risk

Nevertheless, in Nieros, we are not only manufacturing industrial equipment for storages and warehouses, but also industrial equipment to meet desired higiene standards in various industries. There are different types of hygiene products available:

  • Hygiene stations guarantee optimal personnel hygiene at the production entry and exit points, which is crucial in a wide array of industries.
  • Footwear cleaning stations guarantee fast and efficient cleaning of footwear, either upon entering or leaving the production area.
  • Hand cleaning stations: sufficient hand washing is crucial when we are talking about risk of food contamination, therefore hand cleaning stations will ensure optimal hand hygiene of the person upon entering the production area.
  • Equipment cleaning stations guarantee optimal hygiene of the equipment used in the production process, which is of crucial importance in preventing product contamination.
  • Boot dryers are designed for storing, drying and sanitization of all types of work boots and shoes.
  • Changing rooms includes a variety of stainless steel hangers, wardrobes and lockers for quick and simple storage of personal and work equipment.

With its design and high-quality materials, hygiene equipment meets the highest standards demanded worldwide, such as HACCP, IFS, and NSF and with this ensure minimal contamination risk in food-related industries.

Industrial equipment will smoothen workflow in your company

All of our industrial equipment is highly effective and user-friendly as well as time and cost efficient. With user-friendly interface of industrial equipment, we helped to humanize the working process in many different industries. Furthermore, the working process is now much safer and smoother.


Beside automated warehouse equipment and hygiene equipment, in Nieros, we are also manufacturing food processing lines and industrial washing equipment. Within an area of industrial washing equipment, there is also bin washing equipment available. In case of any further questions about industrial equipment manufactured by Nieros, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help with additional information when needed.