Hand washing stations that can include boot washing stations

Hand washing stations from NIEROS® assure you and your personnel the best possible hygiene at the entry of the production space. It is extremely important to ensure that hands are properly clean, because this can help prevent the contamination and infections. It is also vital to meet the high standards of hygiene: IFS, NSF, HACCP and others. The experts at NIEROS® understand that for any product to be successful in various industry branches, some pre-conditions must be met. Hygiene is one of those things, which cannot be compromised upon. Therefore, we guarantee that with our products you will meet all hygiene requirements for the best possible results. Our hand washing stations are designed with multipurpose and multitasking in mind, so that they optimize the time and space in your production process. They are equipped with the most efficient products on the market and can include boot washing stations. We also offer boot drying machines, which are made especially for storage, sanitizing and drying of working boots, regardless of their size or type. This process completely reduces moisture and eliminates all unpleasant odours, which helps make the booths comfortable again and ready for the use in the production process. Our driers use heated air and are made from stainless steel, which is a welcome addition to all other units on offer, such as the hand washing station.

Hand sanitizer station

Hand sanitizer stations for clean and bacteria-free hands

Our hand washing stations are built in the way that prioritizes efficient cleaning of hands, first using soap. Then hands are washed under running water. After that, they are dried and disinfected. This destroys all bacteria and germs. This is a managed and planned process, which helps ensure complete cleaning of hands and contamination-free working processes. We have added a part, which is controlled by turnstiles, that adds additional guarantees in hygiene: only personnel with clean hands can actually physically enter the area of production.

Automatic hand washing station for a complete peace of manager's mind

NIEROS® hand washing stations consist of washbasins, accessories for hand washing and hand dryers Dyson AirbladeTM. They ensure optimal hand hygiene control. Made from stainless steel, they can be stand-alone or mounted on floors or walls. We have included options for sensor and knee operation, and have deigned them in an ergonomic way, ensuring adequate sanitary conditions. Most are modular, and can fulfil many functions at once. Because they include an automatic dispenser, the hand sanitizer stations can really clean your hands with great thoroughness and ensure the highest disinfection levels. This is vital before entering into the space of production, especially in the food processing industry.

Hygiene station stand

World-class hygiene station stands based on decades of experience

NIEROS® has designed hand washing stations which meet all top industry hygiene standards. We have used the experience that we have with assisting all industry branches in building high-quality hygiene and logistics solutions. All our hand sanitizer stations are the result of innovation, which is important in our company. We always strive to deliver the best possible solution, which is cost-efficient and follows the latest technology standards.

You will find all products from our offer explained in great detail on our website. We will be most happy to explain all their features and characteristics over the phone or in person. We invite you to get in touch with us and explain your requirements, because we always strive to deliver customized solutions. We realize that every process is different and needs dedicated attention.

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