Why is a hand wash station so paramount in an industrial environment?

Hand wash station is an essential component of every manufacturing or production plant that values impeccable hygiene standards and practices. The production must follow (at each phase) rigorous standards, laws and regulations. Good hand cleanliness practices include soaping, washing, drying and, as the last step disinfecting.

A tailor-made hygiene station should be at the entrance and exit of every manufacturing area. Believe it or not - it only takes one person to spread harmful pathogens. Such reckless behaviour can lead to bacteria, micro-organisms and virus outbreaks. And all can bring production to a standstill or even fully close it down. That means that everyone has to maintain personal hygiene to prevent cross-contamination and the spreading of harmful pathogens.

Hand cleanliness has always been a fundamental part of food processing. Today is more instrumental than ever in assuring high-quality products. The development of innovative technologies, such as an automatic hand wash station, has enhanced hygiene and reduced the risk of food-borne illness outbreaks. Successfully implemented programs also ensure better use of resources and timely response to problems.

Hand wash station

What can you expect from your new hygiene station?

The hand wash station assures optimal hand hygiene upon entering and exiting the production area. Efficient scrubbing is in many industries regulated by law or health standards. Therefore, the apparatuses must meet the cleanliness standards, including IFS, HACCP, NFS and several others. The sanitising solutions include washbasins, hand hygiene control, Dyson AirbladeTM dryers and hand-washing accessories.

An automatic hand wash station was designed to guide the employees to implement sanitation practices and use the equipment correctly. That guarantees sufficient yet economical cleaning. A well-planned process includes all the necessary steps to destroy germs and bacteria. It also ushers the personnel to follow the steps without skipping any. In order to verify if the hands are adequately clean, the employees must pass through the turnstile-controlled passage.

The hygiene station is made of premium-quality stainless steel and was designed to provide thorough cleaning, resulting in optimal and cost-effective use. Managing a hygiene program can be an enormous undertaking. Designing a functional disinfection zone, selecting the right equipment, establishing cleanliness practices and following all the regulations require work.

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How to select a suitable and long-lasting hand wash station?

An automatic hand wash station is available in various models, providing the personnel with unique and reliable disinfecting solutions. It was designed to meet all the production requirements and needs. Meaning it combines multiple functions. It can be floor or wall-mounted, self-standing and sensor or knee-operated. Due to their modular structure, they can come with tripod turnstiles and in combination with other sanitation stations. Impeccable hygiene and ultimate food safety can be ensured by carefully selecting ergonomically flawless machines.

Before selecting a hygiene station, think about what you need and consider the space you have available. Usually, it is the space dictating what kind of system you will have. What is great about using a modular hand wash station is that they can change with time. You can add on or take away depending on your space development. Before purchasing, consider how the sanitation solutions will support your manufacturing line. And how much are you prepared to spend on an investment? Besides the space, the cost is a significant factor that will dictate what systems you can purchase.

Which automatic hand wash station is best for your business, and what features it should have?

Hand wash station establishes the appropriate hygiene practices in several industries. Designed and manufactured out of stainless steel, it is ideal for the production plant of diverse sizes and floor plans - no matter how unique. The high-quality materials guarantee longevity and durability and comply with all the necessary sanitation regulations, standards and laws. Which automatic hand wash station will be best for your business largely depends on the manufacturing area, the floor plan, the size of the manufacturing plant and the products.

Some hygiene stations are ideal for manufacturing lines with limited space and allowing high access frequency. Highly efficient machines establish best cleanliness practices while being easy to use and cost-effective. The stations should be equipped with illuminated sanitisation chambers, rubber protectors and stainless steel nozzles for sanitising agent application. You want your hand wash station to be height adjustable and digitally operated. A hygienic design must have a diverse range of add-on units, which can be added to products' basic versions.

The sanitation station offers subsequent on-site assembly and can be modifiable for different electric power distribution. The digitally operated apparatuses are produced in-house to minimise the contamination risk. Because every manufacturing plant has its needs, the high-functioning equipment should be completely custom-made. That will enable quick and easy disinfection of the personnel upon arrival or exit.

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