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Hand disinfection procedureHand disinfection is very important for our health and the health of others

Firstly, you should know what hand disinfection is. Hygienic hand disinfection is defined as rubbing the dry hands with alcohol-based preparations over a time period of 30 seconds. With described procedure microorganisms that reached the surface of the skin are deactivated. Hand disinfection is very important for maintenance of our health and the health of others. You should disinfect your hands several times a day to be sure of your hand hygiene.

The procedure of hand disinfection has many advantages

Hand disinfection has many advantages. The procedure can be carried out everywhere and independently of washbasins and water, and features higher skin tolerability than handwashing with water and soap or wash lotions.

With hand disinfection we can prevent many diseases

Studies are showing that 90 percent of all hospital-acquired infections are transmitted by hands. One third of these is considered to be avoidable. This makes hand disinfection the most important practice in protecting our health and also the health of others.

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