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Industrial cleaning equipment - for clean working environment

Industrial cleaning equipment are machines, which ensure clean working environment. There are many industries which demand the highest level of hygiene, such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals etc., but most other industries, where there is a risk of contamination, benefit from industrial hygiene equipment as well. In the following article, we’ll explain more about industrial hygiene (monitoring) equipment and present some of its functions, introduce industrial meat processing equipment, industrial washing equipment and reveal, what to look for before deciding for a purchase.

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What is industrial cleaning equipment

There are several machines, which fall into the category of industrial cleaning equipment:

  • hygiene station is a piece of industrial cleaning equipment, designed for both hand washing and footwear cleaning. Before deciding for a purchase, make sure that the hygiene station has an automatic hand sanitizing agent dispenser, which is extremely effective and helps you save money and practical functions. Nieros hygiene station, for example, has a walk through brush cleaner for shoes, sanitation poll with a drip-off zone and a turnstile controlled passage,
  • footwear cleaning machines are perfect industrial cleaning equipment if you need to only clean shoes or wish to have separate hand and footwear machines. They are usually placed at the entrance end/or exit, depending on the industry. They are efficient and easy to use,
  • hand cleaning machine is industrial cleaning equipment, which guarantees impeccable hand hygiene, useful in several industries, where we need to prevent contamination. It includes hand washing and disinfection, are economical and effective,
  • there is also industrial cleaning equipment designed specially for aprons, and sterilizers for cutlery, knives, exes and other tools.

Other industrial cleaning equipment, which you can get at Nieros, includes boot driers, changing room equipment, low pressure cleaning systems and industrial washing equipment.

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Nierosindustrial meat processing equipment

Industrial meat processing equipment at Nieros is specialized for meat (pork, beef, poultry, fish and seafood) and effectively improves your working process. There are several reasons, why Nieros industrial meat processing equipment counts at one of the best on the market:

  • it’s mostly made of stainless steel and other similar quality materials, which guarantee long lifespan,
  • our industrial meat processing equipment is easy to clean and thus contribute to the high hygienic standards, demanded in food industry. They also minimize food contamination risks,
  • they are effective and can process a lot of meat in short time,
  • the process can be monitored digitally,
  • Nieros industrial meat processing equipment is produced in-house, which means, we’re absolutely sure about quality and can guarantee, that our machines will not let you don’t.


Nieros industrial washing equipment

Nieros industrial washing equipment ensures optimal hygiene, offers high performance and is very efficient. We’ve integrated state-of-the-art technology, which ensures highest washing performance, and created many versions, suitable for standardized items, e.g. crates, trays, moulds, boxes, racks, pallets, baskets and bins, but we also offer item-specific washers.

All our industrial cleaning equipment is:

  • user-friendly,
  • ensures low operating and maintenance costs,
  • made of stainless steel and other materials with similar characteristics, which means they are durable and also very easy to clean (especially important when it comes to industrial meat processing equipment),
  • is in compliance with the highest quality requirements and standards,
  • our industrial cleaning equipment can be adapted to suit the needs of different industries,
  • we offer assistance and help you if you need more instructions.

At Nieros we also offer wholesome solutions for industries, which expand beyond industrial cleaning equipment. We offer innovative and tailored industrial storage solutions, essential items (such as desk, bins, containers, trolleys, accessories etc.) and logistic options which will benefit your working process.