Powerful industrial washers and dryers for industrial washing

Nieros is a globaly oriented company which specializes in industrial washing producion of stainless steel technological equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our partners are offered a uniform solution, including consulting, engineering and servicing. Special attention is placed on industrial washing products that extensively include our know-how and innovation.

High quality made stainless steel industrial washers and dryers

Industrial tray washers NierosOur offer of industrial washing machines includes industrial washers and dryers such as tunnel washing machines, cabin washing machines, industrial utensils washers, special washing machines, drying tunnels and additional equipment for industrial washing machines. Industrial tray washers and industrial boot wash stations can be found within our wide selection of industrial washing products. You can select between three different models of cabin washing machines, 5 different industrial utensils washers, 8 different types of specialy designed washing machines, drying tunnels for crates and further additional equipment for washing machines. Within the offer of industrial utensils washers you can find industrial tray washers.

Our different types industrial washing machines and dryers

Industrial washing priceDrying tunnels are liquid blow-off industrial washing tunnels designed for removing the remnants of water after the washing process is finished. There are 8 different types of special washing machines. These industrial washing machines can be used for smoke trolleys, smoking sticks, large containers, barrels, covers, crates, cheese and chocolate moulds, palletes, 200 litre buggies and poultry boxes. Industrial washing machines can also be produced as industrial utensils washers. These industrial washers and dryers are used for the automatic cleaning and sterilization of dishes, pots, etc. Cabin industrial washing machines are designed for optimal cleaning of up to 60 buggies. Tunnel washing machines are designed for cleaning 400, 600 or 800 Euro crates.