Boot and hand washing station enable optimal hygiene in production

The hand washing station and boot wash station enable optimal staff hygiene at entry and exit points in the production area. Hygiene standards are also achieved by the turnstile control system, which gives access to the production area only when it detects that the cleaning process has been carried out. This ensures the achievement of high hygiene standards, which are particularly important in the food processing industry, where production processes are focused on handling food and raw materials. The hand washing station includes electronic disinfection units, an automated dosing system, and rubber edges that are protecting the illuminated chamber. Boot wash station for sale includes a walk-through brush cleaner or a sanitization basin with a drop-off zone for cleaning sides and the soles of the footwear. Both sanitation systems are easy to maintain, as they are made from high-quality stainless steel.

Industrial hygene station

The hand washing station and boot wash station combined in one technology

Solutions that offer optimum hygiene within production combine the technology given by hand washing station and boot wash station. The machine has a single line and so it enables simultaneous hand washing and footwear cleaning. It is suitable for smaller production that faces a limited space. The machine allows about 15 workers to go through the entry and exit point within one minute, which means that one person completes the disinfection process within five seconds. The machine contains the advantages offered by the automatic hand washing station and therefore has an automated disinfection unit. It also has a walk-through footwear brush cleaner and a turnstile-controlled passage, made of stainless steel. The combination of the hand washing station and the boot wash station enables to achieve high sanitary standards HACCP, IFS, and NSF. All this significantly reduces the potential for contamination.

Industrial boot wash station

The boot wash station ensures proper staff hygiene when entering and leaving the production area. Industrial boot wash station has horizontal brushes for cleaning the soles and side brushes for cleaning both sides of the work shoes. Once the brushes are worn out, they can be easily replaced without the use of a specific tool. The boot wash station is suitable for high and low work shoes, with the machine adjustable in height. The boot wash station for sale also has a dosage of sanitizer, which is automatically activated during cleaning, thus providing even better disinfection of working shoes.

Hand washing station

Automatic hand washing station in the food processing industry

The hand washing station is an important part of the food processing industry, as production workers are in constant contact with food and raw materials. To achieve the standards of quality, food safety, and hygiene standards, production must impose certain procedures that prevent the transfer of bacteria from clothing or skin to food products. The hand washing station provides with the best solution, since it meets all hygienic standards, as the cleaning process includes disinfection, thorough scrubbing and rinsing under running water. The hand washing station includes the combination of an automated soap dispenser and disinfectants, which provide impeccable staff hygiene before entering or leaving the production area.


The hand washing station with turnstile gate

The stable floor-mounted hand washing station consists of units for soaping, disinfection and rinsing and from a turnstile-controlled passage made of high-quality stainless steel. In addition, it also has an illuminated sanitization chamber with rubber edge protectors and nozzles for sanitizer treatment. The worker first places his hands in the machine, where the process of washing with running water and the application of the antiseptic begins. In fact, the worker does not need to do anything, because the technology in the hand washing station carries out the entire cleaning process. Only when the worker finishes with the process, the turnstile passage is released. This ensures complete control of the cleanliness and consequently ensures that the food in the production plant does not come in contact with bacteria.