Meat processing equipment for a variety of different industries

Meat processing equipment is one of our product beside many hygiene product and logistic solutions we offer for our clients. At Nieros we produce meat processing equipment that can be used in different types of meet industry - poultry processing equipment, pork processing equipment and other.

Advantages of industrial meat processing equipment

All of our meat processing equipment is made of stainless steel and is consequently very durable. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance of meat processing equipment is easy and user friendly. As a consequence, maintaining high hygiene standard, required in meat industry, is not a problem. Meat processing equipment is costumer friendly and thus saves plenty of time.

Meat processing systems

Not only meat processing equipment but also hygiene solutions

Meat processing equipment for sale can be find on our web site, where you can also find many other products we are offering you. Meat processing equipment goes hand in hand with hygiene equipment that is also on offer. Choose from different hygiene station stands, boot washing stands and other hygiene products that will help you maintaining required hygiene level. 

At our web site you can find many options waiting for you to order

Take a look at our web site and choose industrial meat processing equipment that suits best your needs. Choice is varied and the price is attractive, moreover, quality is not a question. Don't hesitate to inquire about meat processing equipment and hygiene solutions or any other products the we offer. In case of any further questions you are most welcome to send us an e-mail, we will be happy to help you.

Meat processing systems and equipment for industrial meat processing

Meat processing systems are delicate equipment that is used for smooth, time and cost-efficient processes that minimise food waste. In industrial meat processing, raw materials require to be handled with caution. Wrong handling of raw materials can lead to food contamination. A direct result of food contamination is massive food waste. That is where meat processing systems and poultry processing systems are introduced. The meat processing equipment makes sure that the meat is being processed as quickly as possible, with little handling as possible in the fewest number of phases possible. NIEROS® food processing line solutions include meat processing systems, pork processing equipment, poultry processing systems and more. We provide complete systems which comply with the requirements of HACCP, IFS and NSF.

Industrial meat processing equipment

Industrial meat and pork processing equipment and machines

All of our meat processing equipment is designed and produced in-house. We have a team of experts who try to developed new solutions for easier, faster and more productive industrial meat processing. All of our industrial meat processing equipment is made out of high-quality stainless steel. NIEROS® meat processing systems have an ergonomic design, which allows us to process a higher capacity of meat, quicker and more efficient. The systems simplify the work process and reduce labour cost, all in compliance with the highest hygiene standards. Meat processing machines are often fully customised to fit the production line and products that are being processed. That allows for better performance and a more manageable work process.

Poultry and meat processing systems in the industrial meat processing

Industrial meet processing usually consists of single or multiple workstations, where the raw meat is being cut, deboned, portioned and packed. Industrial meat processing equipment, such as rotary turntables and telescopic conveyors, are designed to minimise unnecessary manual handling of the meat. Pork processing equipment allows for additional, customised features and options to fully optimise industrial meat processing. Pork processing equipment, such as models for cutting and deboning, provides high capacity workload and precision. Poultry processing systems cover complete industrial meat processing such as cutting, deboning, slicing, portioning and packaging. Each unit of the poultry processing system is custom-built to match the exact regulations of the production type. NIEROS® meat processing machines were inspired by our clients, their wishes and the production needs. All of our processing systems are fully automated to eliminate the risk of contamination. The systems were designed to be cost-time effective and tailored to the specific production line, no matter how big or small.