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We are a renowned specialist for logistics and warehouse systems

Our warehouse systems are complete solutions to your storage needs, regardless of your facilities and spatial availabilities. Nieros experts have designed products and systems for storage which provide far-reaching  answers to the demands for improvement of your production lines or distribution center procedures. Our warehouse systems allow for quick and simple storing of full or void Euro crates or plastic containers, Euro-pallets, boxes and other items. Always bearing in mind the need for transparency, good organisation and space-efficiency, we strive to keep up with customers’ demands and vouch for precise and solid stock control.

warehouse storage systems

Our industrial storage solutions are based of international efficiency standards

NIEROS® industrial storage solutions are completely adapted for business use, based on decades of in-house experience and world-class expertise. Our design results and master know-how enable clients to compose and use the storage room available in order to have all items  effortlessly traceable and rapidly searchable at any given time. You can choose among warehouse systems of various sizes and materials, which feature partial or full automatization. Time and energy efficiency are among the most important features of all our products and systems, because we understand the business environment of today’s entrepreneurial actors. That is why we have developed variable, modular industrial storage solutions for your utmost productivity.

Nieros warehouse storage systems can be automated warehouse systems or not

Automated warehouse systems support the warehouse staff in the procedures required to deal with the majority of the important and numerous minor warehouse tasks. Routine procedures like fetching items, assessment and receipt, storage, stocktaking and internal orders, together with many other tasks, can be automated to different degrees. Software solutions are increasingly added to support personnel in coordinating and approving progress, receiving and recording all stock development, and status changes.In this way choosing the right warehouse system solution is an important step towards increasing productivity of your enterprise.

automated warehouse system

All our warehouse management solutions are customizable

Nieros warehouse management solutions are extensive, coordinated and adaptable. We are ourselves a company that has grown from a small industrial plant in the 19th century, and have adapted increasingly to the changes in the industry. We see a growing need for flexibility, modularity and adaptability in all industry branches, and have responded to that with upgradeable solutions and a personal approach. Our customers all over the world value us for our integrity, reliability and innovation. In addition to warehouse systems, we’re also specialized in transport frameworks, distribution centers, which are intended to improve work forms, help profitability and diminish work environment damage. Covering the whole intralogistics including transport NIEROS® systems and arrangements ensure a smooth and improved material flow, which is certified by the ISO, HACCP, IFS and different standards for handling fragile products. Check our website for more solutions and get in touch for a personalized offer, adapted to your business needs. We always make sure to fully take into account your work environment and adapt our proposed solutions for your utmost efficiency.