All about cleaning aprons

Cleaning aprons can be demanding. We’re talking about a piece of protective clothing, which can be used at home, when we don’t want to stain our clothes, but is even more common in different industries, especially food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical and others. Aprons are also used in restaurants, bars and related businesses. In this article, we won’t discuss the necessity of the (cleaning) apron, but will focus on how to wash aprons and how to use machines for cleaning aprons or uniforms effectively.

cleaning apron

Cleaning aprons at home

Cleaning aprons at home can be tough, especially because we’re talking about an item, which usually gets very dirty. We use them for cooking and they also often serve as an immediate kitchen towel, which is first at hand. For that reason, we’re often left with stains, which are difficult to remove and cleaning an apron can thus cause several grey hairs. We offer some tips for effective apron cleaning at home:

  • always consult fabric instructions for cleaning aprons first,
  • if there are some really resilient stains, apply a detergent on the stain first and leave it for 10-15 minutes,
  • then soak the apron in warm (or cold in the label instructs so) water with added detergent for 20-30 minutes. If the stains are dry you can also add 3 tablespoons of ammonia, mixed with half a bucket of water,
  • if the stains are severe, use a brush and try to remove the first layer,
  • if most of the stains are grease, you can add a little bit of liquid dish wash, which effectively removes oily stains,
  • rub the stain with hands, before you clean your apron in the washing machine,
  • after you soak them well, put them in the washing machine and choose an appropriate setting.

Foul smells (form onion, garlic, wine etc.) can be removed if you first wash the apron and then soak it in hydrogen peroxide for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it once. If the smell is not so bad, but still present, you can also soak your apron in a mixture of white vinegar and water. For more natural and easy approach to stains, you can rub club soda in the stain until it disappears or make a mixture of lemon and salt. This can be applied directly to the fabric or be mixed with water, in which we then soak the apron.


Cleaning aprons and uniforms with industrial washers

The described methods to washing up apronsare, however, only appropriate for housekeeping. Many industries and business are namely faced with tons of aprons and uniforms, which need a thorough cleaning and sometimes even disinfection. For them, an apron washer is the only solution, which is also the most cost- and time-efficient. Cleaning apron industrially requires machines with high performance, efficiency, precision, and quality. They are fast, big and enable cleaning a lot of aprons or uniforms at the same time. Their usage is simple and depends on the model.

cleaning aprons

Nieros apron washers

At Nieros we offer several item-specific washers. For cleaning aprons, you can choose SWM apron washer with two brushes, which rotate horizontally. The dispersion system with adjustable dosage, sprays detergent and water over the brushes, which scrub the apron. SWK is another machine for cleaning aprons, uniforms and boots, buckles, belts or other small items. It’s not automated and requires manual washing. We hang items in the designated space and manually brush the dirt.

Why use machines for cleaning aprons and uniforms?

Professional Nieros machines for cleaning aprons or uniforms are:

  • highly effective machines with great washing performance,
  • they are easy to use and have many adjustable washing parameters,
  • they recycle water and help you save energy,
  • cleaning and maintaining them is easy,
  • all the built-in parts are of high-quality and have long lifespan,
  • they’re built in compliance the highest quality requirements and standards,
  • they were built to last and help.

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