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Industrial washing machine for saleIndustrial washing machines for saleprovide optimal hygiene which is crucial, especially in food processing industry. They have to be efficient, quick, easy to use and need to have low operating costs. Benefits of our washers are: superior performance during entire process, adjustable cleaning parameters, water recycling, simple and easy cleaning and maintenance, high quality built in parts, low maintenance costs, standardized or fully customized. We offer multipurpose and items specific machines for cleaning standard items, and customized machines which are designed to suit different client needs. Fresh water is a limited natural resource, which is the reason we put special effort in developing cleaning solutions which save the amount of water used in cleaning process. Cleaners for sale which we manufacture are eco-friendly because they are recycling water. Recycling system reduces consumption of water by reusing rinse water in other cleaning processes. Rinse water that is collected is used for pre-washing or for cleaning phase. Result of water recycling is considerably lower consummation of fresh water for cleaning.

Industrial washing machines we manufacture have very low operating costs

Washing machines for industrial use are available in many different versions. They all have strong stainless steel construction, additional safety and sustainable features which make them highly functional and reliable. Multipurpose washers for sale are perfect solution for companies with diverse range of item such as crates, pallets, bins, BC containers and others. They are available in cabin or tunnel version. Total industrial washing solutions for sale are a choice for businesses which require superior cleaning performance and highest level of hygiene. They are usually used in food processing industry where high hygiene standards need to be achieved. Item specific washers are available in cabin or tunnel version and are most suitable solution for companies which have to clean specific items of similar size, shape or material. Create cleaners for sale have two features which are electric water heating and automatic detergent dispenser. Pallet washers for sale hold brushes for thorough cleaning of pallets. Bin washers for sale have powerful cleaning and rinsing zone and automatized loading and unloading of bins.

Industrial washing machine manufacturers Nieros

Our company produces industrial washing machine according to client needs

Specialized machines are used in any industrial cleaning process which requires superior performance. In combination with other cleaning machines, they are essential in many kinds of industry where they function as an independent or a modular unit of an extensive cleaning system. They are: sticker removers, IBC drying tunnels, blow-off machines, vacuum packed item blow-off tunnels. Sticker removers remove stickers from crates using only water under pressure. Blow-off tunnels remove residue of water from cleaned items using special airflow systems to completely dry items. Sanitizers are used to effectively clean any item with various methods of sanitation using special chemicals. Sanitizer can function as a modular or independent unit, it is most suitable solution for sanitizing vacuum packed products which can be buckets, trays, tins or bags. It has water recycling system and extraction fan for vapour and is cost effective and highly efficient with optimal energy and water consumption.

Industrial washing machines can function as independent or modular units

We manufacture industrial washers in different sizes. They can have very big capacities. One of our industrial size washing machines handles up to astonishing 3000 boxes per hour. And one of our cleaning drying machines has capacity of 800 boxes per hour. We can always manufacture best industrial washing machines with bigger capacity. We offer full customer support from planning to after sales services. Because we are industrial washing machines manufacturer, we can suit all client needs. Beside cleaning equipment, we design and manufacture hygiene equipment and we offer best logistic solutions for different kinds of companies. Our sales representatives are in more than 30 countries all around the world.