Stainless steel hand wash basin is produced in many models and options

Stainless steel hand wash basin provides efficient hand washing and are the best solution for various industries. They have an integrated water tap and stable splashback. There are many models and options of industrial hand wash basins which can be single or double sided, sensor or knee operated, floor or wall mounted, with single or multi washing places. Add-on option which upgrade stainless steel basins are: sensor tap, no-touch soap dispenser, sink reinforcement plate and Dyson Airblades. Other stainless steel accessories which improve user experience are wastepaper basket, paper towel holder and dispenser, universal agent dispenser. Waste paper basket has a 32-litre volume and it can be wall mounted or attached to all types of sinks. Paper towel holder is available in two dimensions which are 130 and 300 mm in diameter. They have a cogged system for easier tearing of towels and detachable cover which makes towel refill simple. Paper towel dispenser has the capacity to store up to 600 paper towels. For easy and quick refill, it has a detachable front plate and a filling indicator. Agent dispenser has a reservoir of 1000 ml and a liquid level indicator. For economical but sufficient use of cleaning agent no touch soap dispenser is used. Sensor tap is a good solution for minimum water consumption because sensor activates tap when it detects user hands.


Stainless steel industrial hand wash basin is produced in different sizes

Industrial wash basin is produced in two basic models. First model is BW which is the best solution for areas with limited space. It is a single washing rounded stainless steel sink with depth of 150 mm, which can be wall or floor mounted. It is operated in two ways: with sensor or persons knee. Second model WR is stainless steel industrial wash basin for large production areas. There can be a maximum of 12 washing places combined in one unit and can be arranged as single sided or double sided.

industrial wash basinindustrial stainless steel basin

If you are looking to buy stainless steel hand wash basin, contact us for price

Stainless steel wash basins are one of our hand cleaning solutions for achieving highest sanitation standards. Beside them, we offer hand hygiene control, hand washing accessories and Dyson Airblades. If you want to buy a wash basin, we suggest to contact us by email or telephone and we will be glad to answer all your questions. Our team will help you if you have any kind of dilemmas and will advise on what is the best choice for your needs and expectations. Hand wash basin price depends on many factors such as size, accessories, add-on and much more.

Industrial stainless steel hand wash basin is just one of products we are offering

Our company was founded in 1773 and we started out as a small plant. During all years we expanded into a successful global company which is present in more than 30 countries all around the world. We design and manufacture stainless steel products such as industrial wash basins, conveyor belts, industrial size washing machines, desks and work tables, food processing lines, low pressure cleaning systems and much more. We also offer quality customer service and support. Our products are made of high-quality materials and are reliable and durable. We constantly invest in technology and professional growth of our personnel and because of that we are delivering diverse solutions for all kinds of needs in various industries. All our stainless steel products can be fully customized because they are completely made in house. Our mission is to completely understand clients' needs so we can together design an optimal solution and then produce it according to plans. With more than 245 years of experiences we understand specific needs in all industries which enable us to develop effective solutions to optimize working processes and their costs.

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