Industrial cleaning and hygiene equipment

Due to the high importance of always maintaining high hygiene levels, Industrial cleaning and hygiene equipment is an essential part of many different industries where unmatched level of hygiene goes almost without saying. Nieros designs industrial cleaning and hygiene equipment solutions that can be implemented in numerous industries worldwide. All of their products are in compliance with the highest standards accepted worldwide and suitable to use in a majority of countries.

Their industrial cleaning equipment, hygiene stations and hygiene systems, maintain a clean and sterile work environment and cover our sanitary needs at every stage of the production process.

Types of industrial equipment made by Nieros

Nieros industrial hand cleaners guarantee optimal hand hygiene of personnel, upon entering the production area. They are meeting accepted hygiene standards such as HACCP, IFS, NSF, around the globe.

Their machines for footwear cleaning ensure fast and efficient cleaning of footwear, either upon entering or leaving the production area. Nieros machines for footwear cleaning are made from durable stainless steel that needs minimal maintenance. They guarantee minimal contamination risk and can also have different cleaning-line lengths and types of brushes to clean either the soles and the sides or the entire footwear.

Nevertheless, besides our hands and feet, there is also equipment that must be cleaned if we want to achieve the demanded hygiene standards. With Nieros cleaning equipment, optimal hygiene standards can be achieved within the working process. Equipment cleaning machines divide into equipment sterilisers and apron cleaning machines.

Equipment sterilisers are perfect for production areas with limited space and capacity and guarantee effective disinfection of tools and appliances used in the production process.

Nieros machines for cleaning aprons and uniforms assure effective disinfection of aprons and work uniforms in any production process.

All the Nieros cleaning equipment mentioned above has a stainless steel construction that assures superior longevity, high efficiency, sustainability and cost-efficiency. It is built in-house, where high-quality standard is guaranteed, user-friendly and easy to maintain. It will help keeping our work equipment and personal protective equipment perfectly clean, while establishing proper hygiene practices for the personnel entering the production area. With Nieros industrial cleaning equipment the risk of product contamination is extremely low.

Industrial cleaning equipment

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Industrial washer machine

Industrial washing should be a lot more efficient than home washing. We are usually talking about systems that automatically wash cleaning aprons and uniforms, but also mechanical parts, utensils and other equipment. They should be able to remove oil stains, metal fillings and dust, to provide safe and clean equipment for any industry. With the technological development, the industrial washing machines have become extremely efficient and their prices have become a lot lower than they used to be. The relatively low costs of industrial washing machines make them affordable for even the smallest businesses and industries. What is more, their prices are much lower that regular visits to the professional drycleaners.

Industrial washers for sale by Nieros are simple and versatile, appropriate for any business or need. All of them are in compliance with the highest quality requirements and standards, such as HACCP, IFS and NSF.

The company offers tunnel industrial washing machines that get used for washing crates and similar products of different sizes, cabin industrial washing machines for washing buggies and containers, industrial tray washers (also for crates and cheese moulds), industrial utensils washers (one for automatic cleaning and sterilization of smaller number of dishes, pots, rates, knife baskets, small machine parts and similar objects, and one for larger number of utensils) and industrial boot wash stations.

They also offer additional equipment for industrial washing machines and some special washing machines like washing machine for live poultry boxes, universal industrial washing machine for crates, palettes and buggies, industrial washing machine for rates and chocolate moulds, barrels and covers, large containers, smoking sticks and smoke trolleys.

Industrial washer machine

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