Hygiene machines are crucial to comply with high hygienic standards

At NIEROS®, we are designing and manufacturing various high-tech stainless steel products, including hygiene machines. Production industries are often bound by law, to comply with high hygienic standards. Because of that, they must find hygiene machines that will exceed sanitation guidelines. At NIEROS®, we help production areas achieve excellent hygiene practices by creating unique hygiene systems and hygiene stations. This way, we can create a sterile work environment and prevent the risk of contamination, especially in the food processing industry. As hygiene equipment manufacturers, we strive for longevity, sustainability and cost-efficiency. That is why our industrial hygiene equipment is from high-quality stainless steel. In our collection of hygiene machines are hygiene stations, footwear cleaning machines, hand cleaning machines, equipment cleaning machines, boot dryers, changing room equipment and low-pressure cleaning systems.

Hygiene machine

Industrial hygiene equipment ensures optimal hygiene for the employees

As hygiene equipment manufacturers, our collection of hygiene stations is vast. They are an ideal solution for production’s entry and exit points. Hygiene stations include a walk-through sanitisation basin or brush cleaner for soles of the footwear, automatic hand disinfection units, and turnstile control system. The turnstile-controlled system guarantees entry to the production area only with properly cleaned hands.

Hand hygiene stations have a process that is expertly planned

Hand hygiene stations are providing optimal hand hygiene for employees when entering the production area. NIEROS®solutions were designed for a safe work environment and to prevent inadequate hand washing. The process of hand-washing is, with our hand hygiene station, expertly managed and planned. It prevents employees from skipping a step. The hand-washing process starts with efficient soaping and a thorough rinse. Continuing, by hand drying and hand disinfecting, which destroys bacteria and germs. NIEROS® hand cleaning solutions include hand hygiene control, washbasins, hand-washing accessories and Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers.

Which hand hygiene stations are best for your production?

Most production areas have exceptionally high hygienic standards which must be met by employees when entering the premises. Using hand hygiene stations, we make sure that access to production areas is only granted, after intensive hand disinfection followed by the motorised turnstile. They have an automatic dosage of hand soap and sanitiser, hygienic design with smooth surface finish, turnstiles made entirely of stainless steel and illuminated sanitisation chamber with rubber edge protectors. To meet your production needs and requirements, they are available in different models such as Hand Hygiene Station with Turnstile Gate HDK, which guarantees impeccable hand hygiene. After we place both hands inside of hand hygiene station, an automatic dosage of soap and sanitiser is released. This station has a turnstile-controlled passage, which is opened, after the completion of the cleaning agent application. NIEROS® Hand Hygiene Station with Turnstile Gate HG is perfect for every product that needs to be compliant with HACCP, IFS, NSF and other standards. The floor-mounted unit is providing spacious hand disinfection, and a turnstile controlled passage. NIEROS® Hand Sanitizer HS allows for easy and quick hand disinfection before entering the production area. We can use it for hand-washing or hand sanitisation or both. NIEROS® Tripod Turnstile DK is perfect for guaranteeing controlled entrance of the employees to the restricted area. Made of stainless steel has a variety of turnstile enter-exit functions.

Hygiene machine

Hygiene station stands offer fully comprehensive hygiene solutions

In our industrial hygiene equipment collection are also several hygiene stations stand that have a single, double or triple lanes which were designed, for production areas of all sizes. For example, NIEROS® Hygiene station URK is designed for production lines with restricted space and NIEROS® Hygiene Station HC XXL was designed for sizeable production areas. Hygiene stations stands have various benefits such as minimal contamination risk and fully comprehensive hygiene solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your business process. They also have high-functioning, state-of-the-art,  easy-to-use equipment which comply with the highest quality requirements and standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF. They boast with an automatic dosage of the sanitising agent, they are height-adjustable hygiene stations and digitally operated.