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Storage systems for safety and well-organized industry

Storage systems refer to different equipment which is used to facilitate the management of a storage or a warehouse, keep goods at hand and protect workers and products from harm. Industry can be a hazardous environment, especially if thing are lying around, are not in their proper places and if the workers have to climb high without necessary protection to reach a certain item. A lot of accidents can be prevented with an effective and safe warehouse storage system, but it’s role extends way beyond just safety. It offers a foundation for well-organized warehouse and effective stock planning, good business management and quick access. Industry cannot survive without a good warehouse storage systems if they want to have a respectable overview over their products and supplies and if they want to handle their business quickly and effectively, therefore storage systems have become more like a necessity then choice. In the continuation we’ll discuss some of the types of storage systems, illuminate their benefits and present one of the best companies, which can help you manage your warehouse.


Types of storage systems

We distinguish between manual and automated storage system, between shop and industrial storage systems etc.

Furthermore, there are several types of storage systems, among them:

  • cabinets, which are used for smaller or bigger items (depending on the size),
  • pallet warehouse storage systems, where the products are stored in pallets and stacked on racks for better visibility and access,
  • mezzanine storage systems are big constructions, which enable staking items high up and allow more space,
  • automated storage system can be various, their only common ground is automated operation.

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Benefits of a good warehouse storage system

A good warehouse storage system has many benefits for the production as well as the workers. Some indisputable pros of industrial storage systems are:

  • storage systems keep all essential item in industry organized,
  • each item is easily traceable at any given time,
  • storage systems help you maintain order and enable quick access to all items,
  • warehouse storage systems guarantee safer environment both for workers and products,
  • save time: in business time is money and managing a warehouse, where looking for items takes more time then selling them, can only mean loss. On the other hand, a good storage system gives you a clear overview over the items and helps you save time and effort,
  • more efficient usage of space: an appropriate rack storage systems offers an option to stack items on top of each other and use heights instead of floor. The products are thus safe, organized and kept away from the floor.
  • In general, with a good warehouse storage systems any industry can become more efficient and productive.

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Nieros storage systems

Nieros offers solutions regarding storage as well as industrial hygiene equipment and thus takes care of several important industry areas. All Nieros storage systems are ergonomic and strive towards an effective use of space, they were carefully planned and designed to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of any industry.

Other benefits of Nieros storage systems are:

  • beautiful and ergonomic design,
  • user friendly handling,
  • state-of-the-art technology,
  • simple maintenance and cleaning (which is especially important in industries, where high hygienic standards are a necessity, like food industry),
  • manual or automated systems,
  • maximized space utilization,
  • effective traceability system,
  • flexible configuration,
  • all Nieros warehouse storage systems enable simple inventory control, quick order picking and alleviated management.

If the mentioned products do not completely meet your needs, yu can also decide for a tailor-made solution, which can satisfy your special requirements and help you maintain perfect order in your industry.