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Conveyor systems are manufactured in compliance with EU standards

Conveyor systems are designed for transportation of different products. We manufacture many types of material handling conveyors which offer economic solutions for internal production processes in many industries. They are designed for reducing work processes, improve productivity and diminish workplace injuries. Transport systems save time and money in production process so they have to be designed and manufactured in a way that products move along production line quickly and easily as possible. They are modular which allows them to be integrated with our hygiene and washing units and other equipment. Clean and dirty crates are transported from working stations to washing machines then to ware house and back. Modular system allows to combine different kinds of transport line elements, adjusting movement speed, number of height of transport levels. We manufacture two types of transporters: product transporters and pallet box, box, crate and IBC container transporters. They have many benefits such as high capacity, full customization, low energy consumption, efficient use of space in production area, convenient design for better comfort and production capacity, effortless and optimized material flow, simple cleaning, maintenance and management, various possibilities of adding operations and functions and compatibility with our other hygiene and washing solutions. They are made of high quality European components.

Mini conveyor system manufacturers

Conveyor systems we manufacture are designed for transportation of different products

Conveyors are made of different belts or rollers which are designed for transportation of products from point A to point B. Vast amounts of pallets, boxes, crates, food are handled quickly and safely with our automated conveyors. Automated roller conveyors with straight or bend sections are constructed for internal transportation of boxes, full and empty crates, pallets and other products. If they have bend sections, they are called flexible conveyor systems and they are most suitable for production halls which have many obstacles because they are easily bend around them. We are manufacturers of V-belt driven, gravity-fed or motor driven powered conveyor systems. They are made from special resistant plastic or stainless steel. Designs of conveyor belt systems are plastic fabric continuous belts, knuckle belts, inter-level belts, vertical belts and more. For transporting items on short distances, we are producing mini conveyor systems.

Conveyor systems have many benefits and can be manufactured for different industries

Our company is one of leading manufacturers of material handling conveyors. Conveyor systems that we manufacture are made from high quality materials which make them robust and long lasting. They contain user friendly interface which is simple and easy to use. We manufacture standard equipment and we also manufacture customized equipment according to needs of your company. For all our products we have quality certificates which confirm they meet all EU standards. Because our company is customer oriented, we provide to our clients excellent customer support which ranges from solution planning, engineering to after sales assistance.

Beside conveyor systems we also manufacture other material handling equipment

Material handling conveyors NierosWe also manufacture material handling equipment which offers solutions for tipping, lifting, tilting and transporting various sizes and weight of products. Stainless steel handling devices are developed and manufactured in our company. Material handling equipment ensures safer and easier working conditions, increases workflow and productivity, it produces lower labour costs and it lowers risk of injuries, strict hygienic and safety standards. Material handling equipment is lift systems, tipping and tilting equipment and transportation equipment. Lift systems are designed for lifting loads up to 6 meters high for further handling. All lifting devices can be produced as fully mobile, so they can be used in various working environments. Devices can be equipped with wide assortment of lifting attachments for handling different types of loads. Tipping and tilting equipment ensures safe and quick material handling such as cleaning, weighing, dosing and emptying. Stainless steel equipment are suitable for high risk production areas which have low ceilings.