Industrial equipment covers all phases of production processes

Nieros production programme of industrial equipment covers a wide range of technical solutions and systems, devices and utensils that are useful, beneficial and sought-for in many industries. Our products are designed to meet the needs of different industrial sectors, with their diverse production processes and activities. Industrial equipment is made of high-quality materials: stainless steel products guarantee reliability and durability, while making maintenance easy. Substantial part of our programme focuses on ensuring hygienic and sterile work environment. Industrial hygiene solutions are intended to keep the maximum level hygiene of the personnel, their uniforms, work utensils and the entire work area. Other essential industrial equipment, such as desks and worktables, bins and containers, trolleys and impact protection elements, are particularly suitable for food-processing industry. Last but not least, industrial logistic systems and solutions are developed to help optimize the storage and transportation aspect of the production process.

Industrial storage solutions

Industrial racking systems make great warehouse solutions

Industrial storage racks ensure efficient storing of products and items by utilizing space in warehouses. Their robust construction enables them to carry heavy loads. Each rack is typically 1800 millimetres high and holds 9 shelves. Its depth is either 430 or 550 millimetres while length can vary from 600 to 1900 millimetres. A shelf can carry 200 kilograms of weight. Loading and unloading of cargo is performed manually or automatically. Systematic use of space in the warehouse leads to better work organization and is rewarded by consequent time and cost optimization. On top of that, racks are set up without making changes to location, which means low installation costs. Industrial racking systems are customizable and offer different extensions; depending on particular needs of each manufacture, additional racks and angle reinforcement are available.

Other beneficial aspects of industrial storage solutions

Good organization of warehouse area serves to many purposes. Order of items provides accurate inventory control. When products are traceable and accessible, work process is faster and more efficient. Also; performance optimization is cost effective. Our warehouse systems include solutions for storing both full and empty crates and pallets. Automated warehouse system provides digital monitoring by using barcode (RFID) destination tracking. Industrial storage solutions help companies achieve high product quality.

Industrial equipment

Industrial conveyor systems for steady transportation of cargo

One of the conditions for high productivity in any industry is smooth material flow along the production line. One of our transport systems is intended for moving full or empty Euro-pallets, Euro stacking containers and plastic crates, boxes and IBC containers. Conveyors are designed in multiple levels for economic managing and use of space. They are ergonomically adapted for comfort and better productivity of employees. Meanwhile, product transporters are widely used in food-processing industry, for transportation of fruit, vegetables and meat. Conveyors are easy to clean and thus conform to strict standards of hygiene. Modular solutions on the other hand enable clients to choose between different transport line elements, size and material of conveyor belts as well as their speed. They are digitally monitored for precise and exact performance.

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Industrial logistic systems offer support to manufacturing processes

To conclude, let us summarize Nieros logistic solutions in their wide coverage of all aspects of successful and rationalized production. Transport systems connect different activities and stages of production by fast and reliable delivery of items. Warehouse and industrial racking systems constitute great industrial storage solutions by ensuring well organized storage and accurate stock control. In addition, other industrial equipment for material handling, such as lifting, tipping and tilting systems, contribute to comprehensive logistic solutions. Intralogistics systems tend to follow latest business trends and answer the needs of industries in the global market.