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Stainless steel industrial hand wash basins and wash basin models

A hand wash basin is crucial for optimal hand hygiene in every production where the intent is to prevent product contamination and maintaining the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS, NSF and others. The only way to do this is with proper industrial cleaning equipment such as hand cleaning stations, hand cleaners, sanitisers and hand wash basins. We designed, perfected and manufactured a hand wash basin which, while working as a modular unit, combines multiple functions in one. Make sure to check it out at

Hand wash basin

NIEROS® industrial hand wash basins and adequate hand hygiene process

NIEROS® hand wash basin guarantees efficient hand hygiene for every employee that enters the production area. Industrial wash basins are designed and customised for every production, big or small. The appropriate hand hygiene is possible for every employee with the help of a hand wash basin. Wash basin models differ based on the production area they are used for. We have multiple wash basin models such as Washbasin BW, Washbasin WR, Washbasin WR F, Washbasin WR D and Washbasin U. They were created to ensure proper hand-washing and prevent insufficient hand cleaning. The hand cleaning process starts with adequate soaping, followed by an accurate rinse under the running water. After washing, the hands are disinfected with a hand sanitiser which destroys any bacteria and germs left. The process of hand washing is simplified, well managed and planned with a hand wash basin. Wash basin models (which depend on production’s needs) assures that the steps are followed correctly - without missing any. Every hand wash basin has a turnstile-controlled passage as an extra warranty. That guarantees that only employees with properly clean and disinfected hands are allowed into the production area.

NIEROS® industrial hand wash basins for optimal hand hygiene

NIEROS® hand wash basins are high-functioning, state-of-the-art and easy-to-use equipment that is produced in-house. They are made of stainless steel and comply with the highest quality requirements and standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF. The equipment provides vigorous hand hygiene and an effective hand-washing process with the assistance of a uniquely designed wash basin. Wash basin models were specially designed to minimise contamination risk in the food-processing industry. Industrial wash basins are complete hygiene solutions that supremely fit the needs of your production process. You do not need to worry if or how will industrial hand wash basins fit into your production. It is our job to design and produce high-quality products that are delivered ready-to-be-installed. We also make sure that the wash basin models you chose will comply with all the standards your business needs to operate flawlessly. Any wash basin model you pick can be combined and upgraded with a diverse range of add-on units. All the industrial wash basin are customised to fit your needs. The water mixing valve of the hand wash basin is between 35 °C to 65 °C. To minimise contamination, these industrial hands wash basins are knee or sensor operated.

Industrial hand wash basin models with a diverse range of add-on units

These are exceptional NIEROS® wash basin models we are offering to our clients:

  • Washbasin BW

Industrial hand wash basins

Washbasin BW is a hand wash basin that is made of a single washing-place unit with a rounded sink. Due to a small depth of 150 mm, is a perfect fit for industrial areas with limited, small space. The wash basin models are Washbasin BW, BW 24 V, BW K, BW F 24 V and BW FK. Because of the stable and robust construction, industrial hand wash basins can be floor or wall-mounted. Both hand wash basin and water tap are manufactured from stainless steel.

  • Washbasin WR

Washbasins WR, with the washbasin's depth of 160 mm, are perfect industrial hand wash basins for a large production area with a higher number of employees. With a substantial number of employees, there can be a higher risk of contamination, which means that the production needs a larger and more effective wash basin model. Washbasin WR is just that and more. The industrial wash basin has six washing places arranged as a single-sided unit.

  • Washbasin WR F

Washbasin WR F is another industrial wash basin that is perfect for larger businesses with many employees. The six washing places are arranged and combined into one unit that is knee or sensor operated. They come in two wash basin models Washbasin WR and Washbasin WR K. The washbasin depth is 216 mm, and unlike others, these models are floor-mounted with strong pedestal support.

  • Washbasin WR D

Washbasin WR D has a washbasin depth of 216 mm and is perfect for larger-scale productions. There can be 4 to 12 hand-washing places combined into one industrial wash basin with a double-sided arrangement.

  • Washbasin U

Washbasin U is a cleaning solution for utensils such as trays, gloves, knife baskets and other working tools. It is made of stainless steel with a water-saving shower-head and complies with CE requirements and the highest quality standards. It was designed and constructed to prevent any water stagnation, due to the growth of legionella and other bacteria. Its ergonomic design allows for quick, efficient use and easy cleaning.