Hygiene station definition

Hygiene station is any device which cleans/disinfects body parts and/or clothes. The smallest hygiene stations only include washroom hygiene products, such as soap and hand towels, which are practically offered at one place. Bigger include hygiene station stand, where the personnel can stand while their hands and footwear are being cleaned and sanitized. At most places at least small hand hygiene stations are necessary to ensure safety and cleanliness, for example in hospital, waiting rooms and other public areas with a lot of human traffic. They are convenient and small and can be placed at an entrance or exit of any building or room. Besides smaller hygiene stations, there are bigger hygiene station stands, designed for industries, where cleanliness and sterility represent a necessity. Such are food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, but the bigger footwear and hand hygiene stations are also necessary where we do not want to spread dirt, oil or grease all over the place (automotive, transformational industries, agriculture, mining etc.).

hygiene stations

Hygiene station - all in one

Hygiene station for bigger industrial plants, where highest hygienic standards are demanded, can include simultaneous footwear or hand hygiene stations. Such device is also manufactured at Nieros, is easy to use, practical, space-saving and includes several practical elements, such as illuminated sanitation chamber, rubber protectors, stainless steel nozzles for sanitizing agent application, stainless steel turnstiles, brushes for cleaning shoes, safely locked chemical storage container, automated dosage for sanitizing agent (which is not only practical, but also helps you save money), such hygiene station is height adjustable and fully digitally operated. Nieros hygiene station offers 19 different parameters and can adjust to most industrial needs. The whole design with sandblasted finish is hygienic, can easily be cleaned and has a very long life-span. It performs several functions at once, it washes and disinfects personnel’s hands and thoroughly cleans their shoes.

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Benefits of footwear or hand hygiene stations

Benefits of footwear or hand hygiene stations can hardly be exaggerated. It eases the process of washing hands and cleaning footwear, but it also does the job better. At the same time it disinfects workers’ hands, eliminates the risks of contamination and meets high hygienic standards. If properly chosen it also helps save space. It’s cost-effective because it has an automated dosage, safe and easy to use and offers along warranty. If, however, something goes wrong at Nieros we also offer substitute parts, service and support.

Other Nieros products

At Nieros we specialize in hygiene equipment and logistic solutions. We offer state-of-the-art hygiene stations, washroom hygiene products, boot driers, lockers, stands, hangers and other changing room equipment, low-pressure cleaning systems, large industrial washing machines, desks and worktables, bins and containers, trolleys, accessories, railings, walls and corner impact protections, ham presses and options for logistic solutions, such as transport systems, food processing lines, material handling devices, industrial storage racks and other warehouse systems. They are designed to help industries in various areas - they simplify work processes, help minimize injuries, help prevent contamination and effectively shorten processing time. Devices can be manual, semi-automated or fully automated and can be adapted to individual business needs in several areas. We’ve been observing work in different industries for 240 years and have come up with innovative solutions, which improve work in several areas. What’s more, we never stopped listening to our customers’ needs and wishes and profoundly invest in new technological advancement to further improve our products. The said makes us confident that we’ll be able to help you and provide solutions even for demanding working environments. For more information on our hygiene stations, logistic systems and support, feel free to contact our team or browse through our webpage, which contains detailed descriptions of our products and offered support.