Hand wash basin for high hygiene level

Hand wash basin is one of the basic features with which you can take care of your hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is of a great importance, especially when it comes down to meet processing industry. Every employee has to take good care for his hygiene and for the equipment that he is working with.

Industrial hand wash basins made of stainless steel are very durable

Small wash hand basin priceNieros hand wash basin provides perfect chances to take care of your hand hygiene whenever there is a need to. Hand wash basins are made of stainless steel and thus very long-lasting. Furthermore, hand wash basins feature a variety of functions and accessories. It is not only possible to choose from single- or multi-place hand wash basins that can be either floor- or wall-mounted, but one can also select between sensor- and knee-operated hand wash basins with numerous accessories to further improve the user experience and enhance hygiene efficiency.

Industrial hand wash basinChoose between two different types of hand wash basins

Hand wash basins represent perfect solution for every type of industry where there is high standard of hand hygiene demanded. You can choose between two types of hand wash basins. First type comes in different sizes and can be sensor or knee operated. Small wash hand basin is usually used in arias with limited space, but if space is not a problem, you can also choose a bigger model. The second type is suitable for washing different types of working equipment, such as knife baskets, gloves and other working tools.

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