Custom-made rivets for different purposes

Custom-made rivets of different sizes and materials are the most important and best-selling item at Zakrajšek Janez s.p. Our rivets are mostly made of iron but we offer rivets made of stainless steel and brass as well. Family company was established over 50 years ago and we are proud of our long tradition. After I chose to start my own business in 1989 (as a part-time craftsman) and continued as a sole trader five years later, I bought my own premises in 2004. Since then our company has been successfully competing in the market while rivets became our most important product. The price depends on the specifics of each product.

Rivet priceSolid, semi-tubular, shoulder and contact rivets - price

The price of custom-made rivets depends on the material, shape and size. At Zakrajšek Janez s.p. we manufacture:

  • solid rivets (stainless steel, iron, cooper, brass, aluminium; up to 50mm in length, and from 1mm to 7mm in diameter, can be ribbed)
  • semi-tubular rivets (iron, cooper, brass, aluminium, up to 40mm in length, the hole can be drilled up to 60mm, and from 2mm to 5mm in diameter)
  • shoulder rivets (iron, cooper, brass, aluminium, up to 30mm in length, and from 2mm to 5mm in diameter)
  • contact rivets and electrodes (stainless steel, cooper, brass, silver; up to 10mm in length, and from 1mm to 3mm in diameter).

The price is available online or via phone.

Other products

Custom-made rivets are not our only product. We offer pins, rollers, shafts and axels which can be made from different materials:

  • stainless steal
  • iron
  • cooper
  • brass

The dimensions of these products are ranging from 2mm to 6mm in diameter, and up to 70mm in length. The price of custom-made rivets and other products depends on their specifics. We are proud to say that some of the most renowned companies from the automotive, furniture and home appliance industries, as well as companies manufacturing agricultural machinery and conveyor components chose our products.

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