Solid rivets - mechanical fastener with button, countersunk or pan head

Solid rivetsThere are different types of rivets: solid, semi-tubular, tubular and special types such as shoulder rivets. Solid rivets can have a button, a countersunk or a pan head. They are used for joining surfaces that cannot be welded, soldered or glued together. Because they are stronger and harder to fasten, they are installed by using a pneumatic rivet gun or an air hammer. Rivet gets slightly deformed so it stays in place and permanently binds the two surfaces together. It can support operating loads and acts like a pin.

At Zakrajšek Janez s.p. we manufacture rivets made of iron, cooper, silver, aluminium, brass (CuZn) and stainless steel (INOX). Their dimensions are ranging from 1mm to 8mm in diameter, and up to 50mm in length. On customer’s request, they can be ribbed.

Semi-tubular rivets require less force to apply

Semi-tubular rivet has a partial hole at the tip which makes it easier to apply. It is used for joining thin metals and elastic or fragile materials such as rubber, ceramics, and paper. Semi-tubular rivets are frequently used in the leather, paper and electrical industry and can be found in household appliances.
Semi-tubular rivets can be custom-made from different materials: brass, iron, cooper and aluminium. Their dimensions are ranging from 2mm to 5mm in diameter, and from to 40mm to 60mm in length. On customer's request, they can be ribbed.

Special shoulder rivets with a shoulder under the head

Shoulder rivets are mainly made of iron (Fe) but it is possible to choose between aluminium, cooper and brass as well. Standard dimensions of shoulder rivets are ranging from 2mm to 5mm in diameter, and up to 30mm in length.

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