Roof tiles difficult to reach and even more difficult to overcome

There are roof tiles of different types and qualities. The technologies of roof tiles are very different but they all have to fulfill their purpose: the essence of the roof is to protect the building against the outer, mostly weather influences. Different roofers swear to different roof tiles. Often this is not a case of real professional reasons or decisions; mostly these are personal preferences: perhaps a roofer prefers one material over another and vice versa. The advantages of metal roof tiles are numerous. They are resistant to various weather influences and handle the earthquake as well. Most of the roof tiles do not work well during the earthquake: they are very static and have little tolerance against any movement. One of the characteristics of the metal roof tiles, however, is flexibility. Steel roof tiles of the company Skrin are made of 0.6 mm thick tin.

Steel or stone-coated roof tiles

Roof tiles in the market are numerous

There are several reasons why to choose steel roof tiles. We can choose among different types of roof tiles and color shades. Flexibility enables a simple installation on more demanding architectural styles. Steel roof tiles are distinguished by a simple and fast installation. Consequently, the costs are lower and the time of construction and renovation is shorter. We attach them by screws. There are also stone-coated tin roof tiles in the market. Roof tiles with insulation are produced in form of panels.

Steel roof tiles made in Slovenia

Nowadays, anything is custom made. People make custom made furniture, custom made kitchens, and even custom made cars. We produce custom made roof tile. The production is computer-guided; therefore, certain specific circumstances of individual building can be taken into consideration.

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