Gutters enable rainwater to be led away properly

Gutters can be made of different materials (steel, copper, aluminium). Color can be chosen according to the façade or roof tile. Gutters can be semicircular or square. In our roofing shops there are gutters of standard dimensions. However, you can order custom made gutters outside the range of standard dimension. In case of greater pollution (moss, fallen leaves) the gutters must be cleansed because significant consequences for the flow of water can occur. Rainwater is led into drain shafts through the gutters and outflow tubes. The length of the gutters is custom made.

Gutters prevent rainwater to flow down the façade and into foundations of the house

The objective of the gutters is leading away the water from the roof. By choosing the gutters of great quality we assure longer lifetime of the walls and also the foundations of the house. If the water flew directly from the roof to the ground, it would surely hit the façade in case of the wind. Constant leakage of the water into the foundations of the house can also damage the foundations. In order for the gutters to do their job successfully, the installation of the gutters must be professional. This is the easiest if the gutters are custom made. It is necessary to pay attention also to the junctions between individual parts of the gutters: water leakage is most common in that spots. Please check the costs of the gutters if you choose a custom made production.

Installation of the gutters should be professional

Easy installation of quality gutters

Due to a great importance of the gutters it is imperative that the installation of the gutters is performed by the professionals. Call and ask us regarding the installation or check our web site for the pricelist of the gutters. We shall advice you gladly in the selection of the appropriate gutters as well as by other roofing accessories (roofing membranes, ventilation strips, nets, etc.).