Roof tiles have never been so various as they are today

Steel and metal roof tilesRoof tiles are one of those constructing products whose great number and diversity regarding the type and functionality on the market is not small. The possibility of the options of various tiles, among which you can choose, is great. Of course, it is important to have a lot of choice in the field which is as important as the roof tiles are. Which one we choose depends on various factors. Roof is the most challenged part of the building, therefore it matters which roof tile we are about to choose. Architectural image of the building is strongly influenced by the roof tile. The roof tile also protects our family and belongings against the outer influences.

Modern technology enables the production of qualitative steel roof tiles. There are a lot of factors that determine the shape of the roof. Skrin’s roof tiles beautifully take part in the environment. Qualitative coloring layer protects them, increases endurance and preserves the brightness of the colors, regardless of weather conditions. Roof tile Skrin is health- and environment- friendly. When replaced, the steel roof tiles can be recycled.

Roof tiles: how to choose the best option in the easiest way

What is the best at the roof tiles? How important is the price of the roof tiles? These are only two questions, which have to be answered when choosing the roof tile. The metal roof tiles are fireproof and UV resistant. Steel roof tiles are resistant against the weather influences (e.g. hail). Metal roof tiles are flexible and light. The installation of the metal roof tiles is simple and does not demand any additional costs.

Are the metal roof tiles really the best of all?

Due to its low weight the steel roof tiles are an ideal solution when repairing the older roofing, because they do not demand the modification of the roofing. It is also possible to lay them over the old roof tile. Due to the possibilities of original reshaping, favorable technical and environmental characteristics, the steel roof in the shape of steel roof panel is appropriate for the roofs as well as for the façade. The steel roof in the shape of tiles, however, is the most appropriate for the residential buildings. The shape and diversity of the colors enables steel roof tiles to appear naturally. Therefore the steel roof tiles are well incorporated into the environment. The steel roof tiles are custom with optional length of the tiles.