FlowCode Golf Academy offers a state of the art approach to the golf mental preparation based on years of experience & successes with top golf players of the world. FlowCode Golf Academy is a framework of strategies, principles and techniques that take us from fear to the state of flow, the state of optimal performance, the zone where we play our best golf. It is a proven system that can raise an individual or team’s level of performance regardless of where they are beginning by synthesizing the tools and methods of Olympic champions, top business executives, and others who have achieved a life of greatness.

FlowCode Golf Academy Coach Courses

FlowCode Golf Coach Courses offer an effective and straightforward approach to the mental golf preparation by applying the latest cutting edge neuroscientific know how of the flow state, while taking a leap forward in understanding how to apply it to the game of golf in an optimal way.
Become a FlowCode Golf Coach and teach clients how to create more flow on and off the golf course. Learn about the flow state and the science behind, discover “THE ZONE” and the mindset required to lift the claret jug. Learn how to become a master mental coach, gain the knowledge needed to optimize your clients performance. Increase your coaching revenue in a new market and tap into the knowledge and knowhow of one of the top golf mental game coaches Dr. Rick Sessinghaus. For professional coaches, the academy offers three packages (Coach, Master Coach & Premium Master Coach Course) that are based on the extent of the content and additional benefits & materials.

Become a flow golfer - The 21 day challenge

For passionate golfers we offer the 21 day challenge and the flagship FlowCode Golf Academy membership, where you'll get access to live webinars, tons of flow triggers and programs, a great way for you to master the mental game. The 21-Day challenge is your opportunity to live and train like a major champion. Learn and experiment with some of the tools and techniques used by Collin Morikawa and his coach, Dr. Rick Sessinghaus, to lift the Claret Jug. In this challenge, you’ll learn the why, the what and the how of flow state in both life and golf. Join today and start your journey to becoming a flow golfer.

FlowCode Golf Academy Membership for golfer

Turnkey MENTAL GAME solution for passionate golfers Take advantage of cutting edge flow tools for golfers, enabling you a proven template to effectively hack into flow on the golf course. Flow programs and triggers can be applied to different setups such as practice range, golf course, off and in season mental preparation in both individual and group setups, offering a wide range of options for further adaptation.

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