Beep test distances and times chart

Beep test - a multi-stage fitness test's results are usually put into a beep test distance chart. The test measures a persons VO2max(maximum oxygen uptake) and this defines the athlete's fitness level. Differentwireless sports timing systems can be used to facilitate coach's work, but none of them are sophisticated, accurate and easy to use as Beam Trainer. Besides it being a timing device this application can be used to store data and make beep test distance charts, for example. Whentiming an athletics raceor reaction times of team sports players all received data stores itself onto your mobile device and you can use it any time you want.

Conducting a beep testBeep Test DistanceBeep test (distance between the two lines is 20 m) is one of the most popular tests for measuring the athlete's fitness level. The athlete has to run from one line to another, following the pre-recorded beeps. After completing the beep test his distance is put into a chart as well as his highest level achieved. By examining this coach can assess his current fitness level and monitor his improvement on the regular bases. Usingsports timing systemsall data can be saved. So a coach or a PE teacher can have all his/her student's result in one mobile device without having to write it all down on paper.

Universal timing device

Beep test (distance running from line to line) can be a big challenge for any coach or PE teacher. The same goes for class, school or any other running competition. Measuring people's time using sports timing systems it can be complicated. But with Beam Trainer timing is easy and can be done by only one person, which is a significant advantage. No errors when timing, no errors writing the results, no nervousness - Beam Trainer does it all!

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