Timing of all sports events with our new application

Sports timing

Beam Trainer enables you to do all sports timing effortlessly and accurately, without any typical timing errors. Beam trainer equipment can be used for timing all sports, for example running, resistance training, as well as beep test. Description of its best features can be summarized into these words: easy, accurate, flexible and affordable.

Flexible all sports timing with Beam Trainer

Flexibility and multiple uses are among the most important features of any race training or running equipment. With Beam Trainer you can perform timing of different events. It uses photocells and in some instances they will not even be necessary and you will be able to use the system without them, only using a tablet computer. But even if you have to put up the photocells all you have to do is put up the stands - since all photocells have already been mounted on them - and start timing. All sports need some form of control, at least during training and Beam Trainer is ideal for al o them. Its flexibility has been tested in many sports events by trainers and school teacher. They used it for all sports timing, from athletics, football and basketball to hockey and other summer and winter team or individual sports. It can also be used for beep test. Description of all its advantages can be found on our website.

All sports timing without human error

Regardless of what type of events you are timing, accuracy is essential. With many other systems errors occur regularly, especially when using cheaper equipment. With Beam Trainer you get both: low price and incredible accuracy without errors. It is ideal for all sports timing. It eliminates human errors during electronic timing (start and finish) as well as data saving, since the application automatically saves all data onto your mobile device. It has may different options, for example photo finish and start gun.

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