Sports timing solutions with Beam Trainer

If you have used different sports timing solutions, you are aware of its strengths and weaknesses. Without a doubt one of the most difficult tasks proves to be timing in sport, more specifically omitting errors when using a stop-watch or other less accurate sports timing solutions. Using Beam Trainer - the newest generation of applications - eliminates all timing errors and offers you many different possibilities. Photo finishing software is only one of them. If you are an athletics coach and looking for athletics training tips, one of them is definitely to time your athletes regularly and use the best possibletiming equipmentto measure their times, reaction times and other specifics that need to be improved.

Sports timing applicationHigh quality sports timing solutions are not pricy

One of the reasons that coaches, PE teachers and athletes (regardless of the sports) absolutely adore Beam Trainer sports timing solutions is also its affordability. It is a state-of-the-art application that also charms its user with affordable price. Why spend thousands of Euros for equipment that is not accurate? You might as well just use a stop-watch. Do you needphoto finishing software, but you can't afford it? Beam Trainer uses photocells not timers, so the photocells can connect directly to your tablet PC or other mobile device. That significantly lowered the costs so Beam Trainer is cheaper for the user as well. Besides timing in sport like football, soccer, athletics, basketball and tennis you can also use it forbeep test distance and time chart and other sports timing solutions.

Athletics training tips for optimal sports timing solutions

When timing athletes during their training or at the competition one of the most important things is having a simple and easy to use sportstiming solution.Beam Trainer has photocells that are easy to place, since they come attached to the stand and all you have to do is open them up and put them in their place. Activities configuration including photo finishing software, beep test and sprints have been pre-saved on your mobile device and you can start timing right away.

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