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Trimo MSS d.d. is a daughter company of Trimo d.o.o.

With more than 30 years of insightful experience, Trimo is the forerunner when it comes to forming and providing modular space solutions and has up to the present time produced more than 100,000 units that are distributed to a wide variety of markets world-wide.

Their products are used in Commercial, Hospitality, Education, Industrial and Government sector. Their modular space solutions are flexible in dimensions, energy efficient, fire safe, easy to transport and relocate and they all have long term economic benefits. Trimo’s modular constructions have a life span of more than 30 years, if maintained properly. Materials that are used are sustainable and durable, which helps create healthy and enjoyable living and working environment. Main goal of the company is that their product can meet any customer need necessary and for that reason Trimo invested yearly in development, improvement and growth. Our clients that use our modular space solutions are leading global brands, such as Lego, UN, OSCE, Shell, Lukoil, Eni Saipem, Modspace and many more.

Trimo MSS is here to help you and meet any needs necessary for your next project.

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