Prefab modular units – high quality materials for longevity

Prefab modular units are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. Further innovations are made continually. New features, designs and other solutions for high quality living are dominating the field. There has never been as much variety and interest in modular constructions as in the past couple of years. Better technology ensures the housing projects offer their clients everything they might need in a home, while high quality materials guarantee the building’s longevity. It has never been easier to buy prefabricated modular units at incredibly reasonable prices and as much credibility of construction.

Modular units

Steel and wood remain the most used building materials

Both steel and wood are proven choices for a practical and safe modular unit. A mixture of both allows the client to play with texture and design. The wood emits a traditional, almost rustic charm. It works perfectly with housing estates or camping cabins. At the same time, the steel provides the construction the necessary stability it requires. Exposing different parts of the steel frame allows for ingenuity and exciting new designs. Mixing the two has proven efficient , both aesthetically and functionally. If the client wishes so, there exist high quality companies willing to undertake complex, difficult design ideas.

The use of steel is quite popular among the younger generation. It allows for innovative designs and offers a modern, almost modernistic look. Some feel the black-grey image may come across as rather cold, but several clients have created a wonderful, warm charm by introducting a series of natural and artificial decorations. A series of plants, placed on tactfully located wooden shelves, creates an incredible contrast and is currently very sought out. For the more affluent, a natural wall may be a possibility. It entails introducing special insulation, which allows plants to grow directly on the wall itself – vertically across the whole length or height of the panel. The image is distict and has been circulating across house-design magazines as the hip, fashionable thing to have. It creates an incredibly singular look, complementing the steel frame perfectly.  

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A surge of interest for eco-friendly, wooden structures?

Newfound interest in sustainable development and environmentally-friendly construction work has in turn rekindled interest in traditional, wooden cabins. These are not only currently in fashion, but will always remain at the very least partialy in style. They exude a rustic, traditional warmth and remind many of old Slavic fairytales of harsh winters and wonderous magic. They offer great warmth and heath insulation, despite the wooden structure. In the long-term, they create less waste and do not contribute to further pollution. Wood is a natural material, which is plentiful in Slovenia. The country is the third most forested European country, proportionally to its overall size. It remains criminally underused in modern constructions, but is quickly gaining in popularity. Wood is also a tested material, which has been proved to be very efficient throughout the years. It has been in use from the beginning of time and will most likely never become obsolete. Most people exhibit almost a natural fondness of wooden structures, as if these remind them of simpler times and help them relax in their stressful everyday lives. Among other positives, it is also quite affordable – the most affordable of all potential building materials.

Modular constructions

Steel remains perfect for strong, sturdy constructions

The construction costs vary dependantly on the material you use. Steel may be more expensive than wood, but it provides additional sturdiness to the building. Especially for areas prone to experiencing earthquakes or flooding, this may be of crucial importance. It also allows for an incredibly quick construction time. The steel frame is prefabricated – the industrial proccess takes almost no time at all. It’s reliable and ensures safe, high quality construction of buildings with several floors and various features.  Of special importance is the steel modular unit’s amazing thermal insulation. It may be up to six times more effective than a regular’s structures. It should be noted that the client may potentially save a large sum of money for labour. The assembly crew will likely finish the project in mere days. Unfortunately, anyone considering a steel construction should be aware that the production and transportation costs may rise exponentially. The two numbers may ultimately cancel each other out, while the finished building continues to lower the annual heating costs each winter.