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Commercial office designs trends in last years

Recent years have become an exciting time for architects and interior designers, especially those working in the field of commercial office design. Workplace design is taking on a new focus, aimed towards individual’s values and experiences. Design is focused on improving emotional and physical well-being of employees. In turn, this results in happier and more productive people that enjoy going to their working place every day.

Commercial office design is aiming towards cost working spaces

There is a number of trends emerging in recent years.  First of them is a so called “Not Your Everyday Work Area”. This means that the actuall office doesn’t look like office anymore. As remote work becomes more common, more employees are getting used to being productive at places besides their desk.  Open spaces with unconventional furnishings and accessories are used instead of usual desks and shelves. Also, a growing number of offices are incorporating libraries, cafes, and lounges meant for solo work. Ideally, they're strategically placed as destinations, instead of along thoroughfares, to minimize distraction. In addition, you will often find cosy sofas, bean bag chairs, areas for exercise and lots of bright colours.

Most employees want to feel a sense of purpose when it comes to their job. Therefore, some visual reminders are added; such as in wall art, furniture, decor, and signage. With this, employees will feel more “at home” which will lead to their greater productivity.

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Biohphilic design is more and more desired in commercial offices

Furthermore, with people living and working indoors for more than 80% of their time, there is no actual time to connect with nature anymore. For this reason, architects started to include natural elements in commercial office designs. Natural elements have been proven to be beneficial on many levels. Plants and other organic materials tend to make people feel calm, happier and healthier. Moreover, this trend has developed into much more than just putting a few plants into offices. This so-called biophilic design uses nature as a basis to weave patterns and forms into the architecture, becoming a fundamental element to many designs we see today. Rooftop gardens, water features, nature-based wall dividers constructed out of wood incorporating plant life, access to natural light, are all elements taking shape in today’s office design. 

Another term has widely spread in the area of commercial office designs: resimercial design. Everyone would like to take small break from time to time. Thus, comfortable, relaxed spaces, with a reflection of home, are a welcome addition to commercial offices. Spaces like this usually include sofas, low coffee tables, natural finishes and bright colours. With this, opportunities to lean back, put your feet up and get those creative juices flowing are provided.

We all agree that collaboration is one of the most important things for a success of the business, but sometimes, it doesn't goes well for those trying to do work on their own. To that end, companies are trying to control the way sound travels throughout their building. With adding carpeting to areas that have traditionally remained bare, like corridors, sound can be reduces. Also, furniture and plants can help absorb some ambient sound.

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Mixing of materials provide a space for creativity thinking and problem solving

Among other trends, mixing of different styles and materials has also gained substantial popularity in designing commercial buidlings for sale. Strongly influenced by the biophilic movement, spaces are integrating mixed materials that have historically not been used together. Wood combined with plastic, metals, stones and concrete are the new norm in furniture and building materials. A mix of raw and luxurious materials take the nondescript space and turn it on its side. This is a great way to emphasize workspace zones and use of space and with this create an amazing working environment in commercial buidling for sale.

To sum up, in commercial office design, everything is leaning towards creating cosy working area where people would be more productive – cosy private specs for relaxation, rooms for team work and even plants incorporated in the working area help people to relax which essentially leads to higher productivity of employees.