When prefab began its revolution in the industry

Over the last decades, prefab buildings and offices have gone through an enormous revolution in terms of technical features, as well as size in market share. With affordable quality produce, the industry of prefabrication is able to offer an office for instance, at super low costs. As prices keep increasing for traditional concrete and brick buildings, this new modular way is more and more of an interesting alternative. In order to find such great alternatives, many years of trial an error preceded the current generation of commercial prefab office buildings. Most experts believe we have truly come a long way, but that still the concept of prefabrication is highly under rated. With the latest techniques, large numbers of customers can now be served to full satisfaction and beyond. Prices for office buildings that are prefab are constantly dropping, while their lifespan only increases, becoming even more interesting of a choice for almost any project.

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Perfected solutions for many cases

Finding that perfect solution to the problem of increasing labor and land prices, is what we opted for from the start. When thinking of problems, we think of solutions. Rebelling against what once was the only way to achieve decent quality structural building components had to change in order to revolutionize the construction world. Offering something new, and exciting was very much needed in order to get accepted by the new generation of clients. In this new era we expect to launch more interesting novelties than ever before. Technological advances are coming in faster, and it is up to us to make the most out of them. Through extensive research, development and testing the latest materials and processes are being selected for their unique qualities. Finding the optimum balance and reaching the maximum efficiency at every step.

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