Weddings in Bled - best place in Europe to get married

A wedding in Bled is a wedding with style. The view of the castle perched on a white cliff overlooking the lake and the surrounding landscape create one of the best places in Europe to get married. Numerous happy couples choosing to get married here are the proof.

Wedding lake Bled
A wedding at the medieval castle is lively and different, and a wedding party with fabulous cuisine and wine make a perfect round-up to the romantic day.
At Primavera Bled we have a rich tradition of organising wedding ceremonies among the mighty medieval castle walls, in the restaurant or on the terrace overlooking the lake. We will create a celebratory atmosphere, organise accommodation and catering, help you with the documents and, if you wish, arrange invitations, gifts, photographers, music and other memorable activities.Bled offers several excellent places to get married. Among the most popular wedding locations are Bled Castle, the church on Bled island, Civil registry at the Bled town hall and the various churches of Bled and its vicinity.

Medieval castle wedding in Bled

Medieval castle weddings are a part of a long-lasting tradition that isstill very popular today with couples arranging their wedding in Bled.
Betrothal was an important part of the medieval wedding tradition. The bride and groom appeared roughly 40 days prior to their catholic wedding in front of a priest and made solemn promises. Medieval brides often wore blue, which is the traditional colour of purity. Later a bridal veil was introduced and it was another symbol of purity, but it was also believed to protect the bride from 'the evil eye.' Garters furthermore became an important part of the medieval wedding wardrobe and the guests tried to grab the garter for good luck.

During the wedding, the bride and groom drank spiced wine from the Wedding Cup. Another important part of the medieval wedding were flowers. The returning crusaders brought a tradition of weaving a crown out of orange blossoms, which only nobles could afford at that time, but today almost any type of flower arrangement you desire is possible for us to organise.

Catholic wedding abroadBest wedding venue

Not all countries will register marriages which take place in a Roman Catholic Church, but organizing a catholic wedding in Slovenia is fairly easy, which is another reason why Bled is a good place to get married.

Documentation required for the catholic wedding abroad

The church paperwork takes some time to complete, so we advise you to start the process as early as possible.

For your catholic wedding in Bled you will need:

  • pre-nuptial enquiry form for each party (it can be obtained from your local parish),
  • baptismal and single certificates for both of you (issued from the parish of your baptism in the past six months)
  • permission from Parish Priest that the couple may be married outside parish

These documents are forwarded by the parish priest to the local Bishop who will prepare a covering letter and send everything directly to the place of your wedding abroad.

Everything else you can leave to us. We strive to add a personal touch to every event we organise and with our effort we will make any venue the best place in Europe to get married!

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