Beautiful places to get married

In Slovenia there’s vast choice of unique and beautiful places in which to get married. With somewhere to suit all tastes, choose one of the many magnificent venues. Slovenia is a small country with diverse and stunning natural surroundings. Romantic castles, lakes, mountains, forests and wedding venues by the sea, remote valleys or the lively city of Ljubljana. We can help you arrange a wedding and find a venue to suit your preferences practically anywhere.

Wedding venue Bled
Every single wedding venue is unique and unforgettable. Here are some suggestions:

  • Lake Bled: an alpine jewel and one of the most beautiful places to get married in Europe. We promise!
  • Ljubljana: a wonderful, bijou city in Europe, Ljubljana is a perfect and romantic place to get married abroad. Choose on eof a number of gorgeous, romantic venues: themedieval castle perched on a hill in the middle of the city; beautiful botanical gardens and many other beautiful wedding venues with Slovenian charm and soul.
  • Piran: Piran is a medieval fishing village and Venetian-influenced town - aperfect wedding venue by the sea. A mixture of old and new will take you back in time to make your day even more special!

Where is the best place to get married abroad?Best place to get married abroad

When you start to look for wedding venues there are many things to consider. Everybody wants their wedding to be a magical day, so finding a place with charm and beauty is high on the list of priorities. It’s always easier, of course, if you have in mind what you’re looking for. And there’s no shortage of inspiration and ideas when it comes to finding the perfect place to get married in Slovenia. Whether you’re looking for a secluded place amongst the Alps, a romantic castle, unspoiled nature, a beautiful city or a wedding venue by the sea, Slovenia’s diversity ensures that no matter what you’re looking for you’ll almost certainly find it here.

If you’re looking for wedding venues in Europe - why Slovenia?

It's exuberant, beautiful and romantic. People are friendly and they will extend their warm hospitality to you. The cuisine is fantastic and Slovenian wines are world class. All of the wedding venues and restaurants we recommend are highly regarded amongst visitors to Slovenia and the local community - they have been handpicked by so we can assure you of optimum service and delight when you pick one of our wedding venues.

Wedding venues by the sea

We can arrange a wedding venue for you almost anywhere, even by the sea. Piran is an old medieval and elegant town by the sea with numerous astonishing wedding venues, where you and your love can exchange wedding rings. A beautiful beach, Tartini Square, the medieval fortress on the cliff, top-class hotels and much more. And all of these wedding venues are just a stone’s throw away from the sea!

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