Different heaters, their uses and technicalities

Vimosa d.o.o. specialises in the development, construction, and production of electric heating elements, such as tubular, cartridge, band, flat, folded, silicone, flexible heaters, heating pads, ceramic heating inserts, temperature controls, heaters made to order and more.

Tubular heaters

Due to their flexibility, materials and dimensions, tubular heaters have a very wide range of uses, for example they are used to heat air, liquids, tools, machines, chemicals, oils, and fuels, and if the right materials are used, also for ignition of pellets, etc. The company is able to design this devices according to customer requirements. They produce them with an outside diameter of 6.5, 8.5, 10, 12.5, and 16 mm, that can also have a rated voltage of up to 600 V. The selection of the appropriate material and surface tension of the tubular heater is based on the heating medium.

Cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are intended for the heating of tools, nozzles, work tops, knives, packing machine clamps, hydraulic presses, certain liquids and gasses, the ignition of pellets, etc.. Due to their exceptional robustness and dimensional flexibility, they have a very wide range of uses. They are used in the automotive, shoemaking, rubber, food, textile, foundry, and wood industry etc. The company offers different types of connections, the installation of J and K thermocouples and comprehensive solutions for thermal processes in conjunction with electric heaters. Vimosaˈ s  development and construction capabilities allow them to find the quickest and best solution for any customer.

Band, flat and silicone heaters

Band heaters are typically used to heat cylinders, nozzles, or other forms in processing industries involving plastics or other heat melted materials (plastic materials, waxes, adhesives, thermal sealing compounds, etc.).

Flat heaters are basically intended for surface heating if there is no need of reaching high temperatures. They are used to heat tools, presses, hoppers, containers, etc.

Silicone heaters are perfect for applications where a heating element of complex and irregular shapes (curves) is required, where there are room limitations, or a heater of low mass and/or small dimensions is required.

About the company

It is a customer oriented company with 30 years of tradition, international experience, and a strong professional team of employees. They excel at their high quality, wide range of products, quick responsiveness and adaptability to customer requirements. Their activity involves the production of electric heaters, comprehensive thermal process solutions related to electric heaters, and logistics systems for the food industry.

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