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Consider equipping your heating electric appliances with tubular heaters

Tubular heaters are the most versatile, energy-efficient, and cost-efficient heating elements. Tubular heaters are also the most frequent alternative when it comes to the exact heating of machines. The range of various solutions is immense, and the elements are used as heating sources in many appliances, such as electric water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines, boilers, coffee machines, dryers, industrial baths, and oil-filled radiators.

The optimal solution for the relevant application is decided on the medium to be heated, the installation of the element, and the power required.


  • Tubular heaters for washing machines or tubular heaters for washers
  • Tubular heaters for dryers
  • Tubular heaters for boilers
  • Tubular heaters for heating pumps
  • Tubular heaters for industrial baths
  • Tubular heaters for disinfectors

The choice of the heater depends primarily on the type of system chosen. The tubular heaters are compatible with any electrical installation. Contrary to popular belief, tubular heating does not necessarily consume more energy - in particular thanks to the new generation of tubular heaters. It is also less expensive and less complex to install, especially in renovations, and does not require specific maintenance. They are inexpensive and offer almost immediate heat for dryers, washers, or boilers.

Tubular Heaters For Dryers, Boilers or Washers

If you are searching for a different heater?

Tubular Heaters For Washers

Tubular heaters for washing machines are made of stainless steel with stainless steel flanges and fittings or a special sealed plate equipped with a rubber seal. It is placed high demands on the quality of these heaters since they have to withstand the overload because of the excessive formation of scale on the shell during the heating of a large water volume and the impact of chemically active substances of washing powders and bleaches. This type of tubular heaters is manufactured with a reinforced shell to increase their reliability and service life.

Tubular Heaters For Boilers

Tubular heaters for boilers are the right choice when customers require high temperatures and thermal stability, as in water. Low and high-pressure hot water boilers are used for commercial and industrial applications. In particular high pressure, hot water boilers are the best fitting solution for district heating and industrial processes where hot water is required. High thermal efficiency, low emissions, easy maintenance are the main features of these boilers.

Tubular Heaters For Dryers

Tubular heaters for dryers perform exceptional heat transfer by conduction, convection, or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases, and surfaces. In most heater assemblies, tubular element design configurations vary - round, flat press and formed. 

Tubular heaters are used for almost every kind of heating appliance. They are easy to form and feature the highest mechanic stability and electric properties at the same time. Even though the Tubular heating element is technically rather mature and universal to use, there exist various new innovative solutions for many applications. Screw-in Tubular heating element is standardized for use in liquids like water.

The tubular heating element is easy to install, control, and maintain, a unique designer as your requirement.