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Cartridge Heaters and Facts you should know

Cartridge heater is a good choice to keep up your industrial heating purposes. We will present some interesting points and detailed information of all that you need to know about the cartridge heater. So, if you are working in the industries, where the heaters are a necessity, you should read the post till the end and get yourself a cartridge heater. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Different versions of cartridge heatersHeating cartridges are intended for the heating of tools

How does a cartridge heater work?

The first question usually is, how the specific heater works? The answer lies in materials and layers used. Cartridge heater is made up of a resistance coil that is wound around a ceramic core. The dielectric further surrounds this ceramic, and then it is sealed in the metal sheath, which is a crucial cartridge heater element. This sheath is heated up by the powered heat that the coil transfers to the sheath. The generated heat is then transferred to the inner metal part that requires heat.

What is the operating temperature of the cartridge heater?

Now, let’s discuss the temperature ranges of the cartridge heater. A fantastic thing to know about the electric cartridge heater is that it can operate on low, medium, and high densities of temperature ranges. The best thing about the cartridge heater is that you can adjust the temperature as per need. Cartridge heater can stand the heat up to 760°C (1400°F).

The temperature of the industrial heater is affected by several factors. These factors may include watt density, tightness of cartridge inside the hole, and the thermal conductivity of the material that the heater uses to heat during the heat cycle. Specific sheath called Incoloy sheaths is the most recommended sheaths to use for the maximum heat transfer and durability in the cartridge heaters.

What are electric cartridge heaters used for?

Cartridge heater is most frequently used for heating purposes such as heating dies, platens, and molds, etc. Liquid immersion application also uses cartridge heaters. Some specific applications of cartridge heater are:

  • For heating gases
  • For heating liquids
  • Hot stamping
  • For laminating presses
  • Used in medical equipment
  • Used as a semi-conductor
  • Used for plastic molding purposes
  • Used in the making of scientific equipment.

Because of the dimensional and robust flexibility, different versions of cartridge heaters are used in industries for various purposes. These are used for heating tools and nozzles, knives, hydraulic presses, ignition of pellets.

The cost of the cartridge heater

Here comes the fundamental aspect to know about the cartridge heater. Many people wonder why one cartridge heater differs in cost from the other. It is because the prices of the different versions of cartridge heaters depend on the size, and the voltage chosen for the heater. The bigger metal cartridge heater element and the higher voltage that you require for heating purposes will give rise to the price of the cartridge heater. The low voltage cartridge heaters cost less than high voltage cartridge heater.

Cartrige Heaters for heating gasesCartrige Heaters for heating liquidsCartrige Heaters for hot stamping

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