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Everything You Need to Know About Tubular Heater

In order to get the right heater, you need to spend some time to know more about the products. For your information, there are different styles of tubular heaters available in the market: tubular heaters for oil, tubular heaters for acids, tubular heaters for liquid and many others. The heaters are designed to suit different people's needs. You should choose the model based on your needs, i.e., what you want to heat.

Heating has become a vital part of all industrial procedures. From petroleum refining to chemical manufacturing, heaters are used everywhere. The design and characteristics of tubular heaters vary depending on the area of application. But some heaters can be used in all industries, and circulation heaters are one of them. Unlike other heaters, electric tubular heaters for liquid are used to heat and compress fluids and gases.

tubular heaters for liquid are used to heat and compress fluids and gasesubular heaters on larger flanges

Tubular Heaters Are Safe

Tubular heaters provide a 100% dry environment. It's essential. Some acid is very reactive that is used in processes where water can cause an explosion if it comes into contact with the heated chemical. Moisture can easily accumulate inside the tanks, and vaporized chemicals can pose a high risk if contacted with water. The use of tubular heater eliminates this risk.

For more security, different boxes are available. Control panels can be designed to meet standards (explosion resistance). This helps protect processes and equipment. Likewise, the installation of digital temperature control devices and alarms increases security.

These tubular heaters are used in industrial processes to maintain various liquids such as water, oil, acid, and neutralized gases at an appropriate temperature. These industrial heaters are installed inside or outside the tank so that the entire regulating mechanism is kept away from the tank itself, away from the contents inside, so to avoid erosion.

Heating of Liquids

Tubular heaters for liquid are installed in the tank so that once fixed; they cannot be detached. The tubular heaters are designed with a solid carcass with strict technological specifications to be able to adjust to almost any environment. They are also considered durable compared to other types. They are smaller in size and therefore require little space for their installation. The surface pressure of these heaters is always kept constant to prevent the carbon layer from developing on the device.

Applications Of Tubular Heater

Depending on the heating element, you can apply the device with care when treating various viscous contents such as water, oils, solvents, salts, acid medium, electroplating baths, and other substances that can be heated by tubular heaters.

Maintenance of the side heater is much easier compared to other types. These are considered more portable due to the ease of removing them for cleaning, maintenance, and even replacing them should something go haywire. When the need arises to clean the tank, you can easily remove the device and reinstall it when finished.

Tubular hetares are suitable for the heating oilsTubular hetares are suitable for the heating fuels

Use In Industries

The sole function of tubular heaters is to produce a calorific effect in a tank, making it a valuable tool in many industries that specialize in the manufacture of products such as oil, chemicals, petroleum as well as d 'other. The correct way to install them is to immerse the entire coil, which is the real heating tool in the liquid to be treated.

The latest version of tubular heaters produces heat more quickly than older ones.
There are still many other things to know about tubular heating systems. Aside from that, there are also many different available kinds of this system out there in the market. It is always good to get the perfect tubular heater for your needs. A customer-oriented company with 30 years of experience - VIMOSA - can design them according to your requirements.

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