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Croatian luxury villasOne of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the word is undoubtedly Croatia - Pavi apartments for rent by the sea, luxury villas and many beautiful historic places. Croatian mainland, coast and islands offer tourists whatever their heart desires. From peaceful isolated places in the nature to lively tourist places with many fun things to do. Among the most well known locations on Croatian coast are Krk beaches, known for crystal clear sea and luxurious villas right there on the beach. All accommodations are in the close proximity of restaurants, hospital, shopping facilities etc. - you have everything you need right there.

Luxury villas and apartments for rent in Croatia

Some people enjoy simple and 'wild' holiday in camps with tents or campers, others more luxurious life in apartments for rent in luxury villas by the sea. Croatia can offer you both. Whether you wish to spend your holiday in a beautiful stone house (Holiday home Pavi house K55)with a big garden, spacious apartment in a typical island house or a luxurious penthouse in a villa with a big swimming pool and all other five star perks right at Krk beaches, you should check our offer on our website or see our catalogue with all our contact information. Make sure to make a reservation as soon as possible and prepare yourself for a beautiful vacation on Kirk island.

Krk beaches - apartments for rent in Croatia

Krk is the biggest among all Adriatic islands. It is very popular with the tourists since it is connected do the mainland by a bridge and has an international airport. This largest island in Croatia has many things to offer to its visitors - from beautiful beaches to rich history and lots of day and night-time activities, apartments for rent, luxury villas and relaxing holiday regardless of the season. Rent an apartment by the sea and enjoy the hospitality of islanders.

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