Sea view apartments in Šilo (Krk)

Pavi apartments on Krk island offer you different types of accommodations - smaller apartments, luxury apartments and luxury apartments with pool. If you want to rent a holiday house on the island of Krk, we can offer you beautiful stone houses as well as Villa Amalia.

Rent a holiday house or apartments on Krk island

Apartments on Krk island, which lies in the north of the Adriatic sea in the Kvarner gulf, are popular in summer as well as off-season. A town called Šilo in the northeast part of Krk is small touristic town on the coast, where you can relax and enjoy your vacations in many different ways. In Vila Amalia there are six apartments - our Palma, one luxury and one luxury with a pool. Sea view is often one of the most wanted features of holiday accommodations and we are happy to say we can offer not only the view but also everything else needed for luxurious and relaxing holiday at the seaside.

Apartments in Vila Amalia on Krk island

Holiday apartments for rentVila Amalia offers beautiful sea view apartments in Šilo (Krk) - a tourist town with less than 400 inhabitants. The town started to develop as a tourist destination after a regular ferry line was introduced between Crikvenica on mainland and the island of Krk. Apartments available in our villa range from four-star Palma apartments to five star luxury apartments with or without the pool. We are aware of the fact that in most families animals are more than just pets and many people like to spend their holidays with them, you can bring your pets with you to our apartments. Krk offers you and your family a wide range of activities, regardless of whether you want to rent a holiday house or an apartment. Beautiful beaches are just a few steps away and you can enjoy them whether you like active or relaxing and peaceful holiday.

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