Avalgon: Meet The World’s First Online Startup Incubator

The global pandemic has changed our lives. That’s just a fact. From the way we interact with people to the way we do business — nothing looks like it used to. As with every crisis, COVID-19 has pushed boundaries. It showed people how to stay connected regardless of distance, taught governments how to reduce bureaucracy and take action faster, and motivated entrepreneurs to restructure their organizations in search of higher efficiency and mobility.

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Now it’s safe to say that we rely on technology to do the things we love no matter where we are living. That very essence inspired us to create Avalgon — the world’s first fully digital startup incubator. Being an entrepreneur is certainly easier than it used to. Technologies have accelerated startup registration processes and removed old barriers holding people from realizing their dreams. Yet, the opportunities aren’t equal for all entrepreneurs out there.

The entrepreneurial landscape varies widely from country to country. In developed nations, startups have more chances to succeed by finding the right financial support. On the contrary, many companies in developing countries struggle to survive because of financing or simply due to a poor allocation of existing resources. By organizing a fully online incubator program, Avalgon aims to democratize the current startup incubator market and ensure that every player benefits from equal opportunities. After all, ideas should be rewarded, not passports.

Digital From A to Z

Unlike traditional startup incubators, Avalgon welcomes startups from all over the world. While the program kicks off with startups in Europe, enabling access to Asian entrepreneurs is planned for the near future. From the application process for startups to marketing support operations to fundraising efforts, every stage of the Avalgon program is handled 100% digitally.

All startup applications are scanned by an AI-based system for preliminary selection. Then, a group of specialists works hand-in-hand with each startup to better understand their models and prospects until a final decision is taken.

The selected startups go through a 12-month online incubator program specifically designed to optimize business operations, and boost their chances to become unicorns in record time. Each startup receives a $400,000 seed investment from Avalgon. The funds are distributed in different ways to maximize the impact and ensure the sustainable development of the project.

Once the company is ready to initiate external fundraising, Avalgon specialists assist entrepreneurs in the design and execution of a comprehensive capital raise campaign. These efforts cover some of the world’s best and trendiest practices such as international roadshows, participation in industry-specific events, issuance of digital equities, etc.

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Online Means Worldwide Support

One of the biggest problems of regular incubators is the limited resources available for startup owners. Since they’re locked to a particular physical location, most of the entrepreneurs can’t access the best human capital and quality advice.

The digital nature of the Avalgon Incubator offers a unique opportunity for startups to work with a team of experts from all over the world. Each startup receives all-round support from experts in key business development areas, including:

  • Application review (Switzerland)
  • Incorporation, legal & regulatory support (Switzerland)
  • Technical development (Ukraine)
  • Creation & launch of a Security Token Offering (Switzerland)
  • PR & digital marketing support (United Kingdom)

Opening The Doors To Global Investors

Private and institutional investors can actively participate in the Avalgon Incubator program by investing in the selected startups. Investitor and startup companyThe collected funds are used as seed investment for all startups taking part in the Avalgon Incubator Program.

The raised capital is allocated equally among the startups, giving each player equal opportunities. However, the funds are distributed in a manner that maximizes the impact for that particular business. For example, some businesses might benefit from allocating more to IT development rather than marketing efforts or legal advice.

  • Multi-stage program with key fundraising targets from $20 to $48 million (4 rounds)
  • Flexible investments conditions: from $$$ to $$$
  • Focus on fast-growth sectors: Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech, IR 4.0, MedTech
  • Guaranteed payout of minimum 5% of the invested amount after the 2nd round
  • Guaranteed payout of minimum 6% of the invested amount after the 3rd round

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or investor, you can join online incubator Avalgon from Switzerland today and help us disrupt the global entrepreneurial landscape. Learn more about our 12-month online incubator program and investment opportunities by visiting our official site.

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