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Taking part in the VSI.SI business directory not only improves the ranking of your website but also creates an opportunity to utilize the e-commerce niche by optimizing your website content. Crating customized content for your VSI.SI directory profile and getting high-quality links to your website will definitely set the course in the direction of maximal success. This approach will lead to greater added value of your website, it brings more online visitors and potential clients compared with the traditional marketing practices.

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We present you the packages adjusted to the specific needs and wishes of our clients:

8 minipages

1.149 € / per year

10 minipages

1.299 € / per year

15 minipages

1.999 € / per year

25 minipages

2.499 € / per year

35 minipages

2.999 € / per year

50 minipages

3.499 € / per year

100 minipages

6.499 € / per year

250 minipages

8.999 € / per year

News and Campaigns Module

299 € / per year

Net Price List.

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