Welder protection for an absolute safety of the welders

Welder protectionWelder protection is one of the most demanding branches of protective working clothes. In addition, welder protection consists also of retractable weld curtains and other protective welding gear. Welder protection is so demanding because of numerous hazards that occur during welding, cutting and brazing. Welding and cutting safety cannot be achieved by usual workers protection gear. Welders are namely exposed to extremely high temperatures and fire which cannot be sustained nor by regular clothes or by unprotected human body. Humans are simply not fit to be exposed to such horrific temperatures. That is why welding wear is very special and very unusual. Special high-bearing multilayer thermal protection made from annealed fibers in combination with aramid fire-resistant linen is being used. Welder protection therefore means superior protection against liquid metal, open flame and hot particles of several kinds.

Retractable weld curtains are very special protection

Welding, cutting and brazing demand items, such as welder’s gauntlets, that are no match for any normal working protective clothes. Retractable weld curtains are such item too. Yet, retractable weld curtains are normally used to protect property from spread of fire that erupts when welding, cutting and brazing. Retractable weld curtains are made similarly as personal welder protection.

Welder protection should be trusted only to best providers

The characteristics of welding, cutting and brazing are hard to comprehend for a person who has no experience or knowledge in welding, cutting and brazing. The working conditions are extremely hard and they are difficult to imagine. Producing items such as welder’s gauntlets is a master art. At the end of the day, welding and cutting safety is ensured and that is all that matters in our business - this is what really matters.

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