Protective welding clothing for the safety of the welders

Protective welding clothing demands the best materials, the best production, the best knowledge and the best cooperation between the user and the producer. In order to ensure acceptable protective welding clothing everything must be the best and there is no room for any compromises. Safety equipment for welding includes protective welding clothing, welding spatter protection, heavy duty welding blanket and similar protective welding gear. Welder protection is the most important part of the welding business. Therefore welding safety clothing is always produced with great care and very strong quality control.

Protective welding clothing is always made in cooperation

In addition to the best materials and the best production, protective welding clothing is made in cooperation between the producer and the user. This means that the producer includes the essential information acquired by the user into the selection of the materials and the selection of the procedures of the production of welding safety clothing.

Protective welding clothingWelding spatter protection helps to preserve property

Welding spatter protection is safety equipment for welding that is intended to protect the surroundings where welding takes place. Heavy duty welding blanket is always welcome in the environment where welding takes place. In combination with welding safety clothing welding spatter protection helps to make the process of welding highly economical: unnecessary damages of the property are prevented by using welding spatter protection. On the other side the best welding safety clothing ensures that welders are safe and that they can work assured that their welding safety clothing will do its job of protecting them. The latter is extremely important because the welders are supposed to work long hours close to melt with temperatures of 1300° Celsius to 1600° Celsius, and spending a lot of time electric arc welding and flame cutting. Without proper protective welding clothing all that would be impossible.